Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tour of the New Home: Study/ Exercise Room

I've taken so many darn pictures of the progress of this new home and instead of trying to cram a million pictures in to each post, I've decided to go room by room for a Lacefield Home Tour!

I've had a lot of fun setting up our new home, I really have, but I must admit it has been a ton of work and quite a lot of stress.  It has been EXPENSIVE to say the least.  I mean, our darn Credit Card company called us because they thought someone had stolen our card ... NOPE, just a few thousand dollars being spent by us! Ha.

I decided to do the tour from the front of the home, work my way around, and up stairs.  I'll finish with the biggest project of all, the front landscaping, but at the rate that I've had time to post, that might be in a couple weeks!  Sorry!

Without further ado ... welcome to the Lacefield Home!


 Honestly, I'm not too happy with the entryway.  I think the painting is too small for the area for now, but it'll be like this until we have some more money.  It definitely adds some life in the mean time!

 A close up of the stuff on the table.  LOVE this picture of Liliana and Mommy and Daddy's legs holding her.

This is the front room which is directly to the left when you enter the home.  This room is actually quite large and we still have a ton of empty space in it, but at least the paint color that they left was pretty and went well with our office stuff.  Here is the empty picture:


This is what the room looked like the day we moved in ... yikes.  I wish I could say it got better soon, but it stayed like this for about 3 or 4 days before we even had a chance to tackle it!



This is the way the room looks today!  The bookcase on the left has Evan's stuff and the one on the right has my stuff more.  My law school and college diploma are on the right and Evan's undergraduate and Evan's medical school diploma will go above his bookcase when we start making income again and can afford the big bucks that it takes to nicely frame stuff!

I love this little area ... this is our Aggie wall.  The picture up top symbolizes entering our time at Texas A&M, being at A & M, and then leaving A&M.  We had the best four years of our life there and being graduates from there is such an honor!  Once an Aggie, always an Aggie!

That's the front room for now!

Next: Liliana's playroom!


  1. It looks like it's coming along great!

  2. It's fun to move and decorate but also stressful and can be expensive but once it is done, you both will have a great sense of accomplishment...before you have to tackle something else:)

  3. What's the name of that paint color? I love it. Like, a lot.