Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Working Momma Once Again!!! ... PLUS, I need work fashion advice!

Last Friday, I started work at my school here in Arkansas.  I can't give you guys too much information, because believe it or not I've heard that these little stinkers will google my name incessantly.  I can add that I'm fortunate enough to work at the best private school in the state and quite frankly, the place is amazing.  They treat their staff and the stuents so well. 
Example: I showed up to work on Friday and by 11 I had a BRAND NEW FREE laptop, AND my first paycheck!  DANG, talk about a sweet first day.

I will be SO very busy at the school.  I am the Academic Director of the upper school and teach economics.  I will also do legal work for the head of school whenever they don't want to send things to legal counsel.  Basically, I have the best job ever...it's a little bit of everything, I am incredibly busy during the day, and I work with a bunch of wonderful children and with a very hard-working staff. 

While my hours don't seem like they'll be horrible, they definitely won't be a cake walk.  I leave the house around 7:20, drop Liliana off at daycare, get to work around 7:45 and so far, haven't even had a chance to pee until I get home in the early evening!  YIKES!  Honestly though, I wouldn't want it any other way. I love a busy job.

On the weekends, the job won't necessarily require  I go to too many events but it is "strongly recommended" and even more so, I WANT to go!  This school is so impressive and truly cares about the children that attend.  So to go to football games, to see the choir concerts, and to go to the student council events will definitely take time, but I'm so very excited to get to know these upper school kids (and hopefully children from the lower and middle school too).

It has definitely been a transition going from staying home for 2 months while we settled in to the house to going back to work full-time without Liliana by my side.  I wake up WAY earlier now that I'm back to work and quite honestly, I much prefer working to staying-at-home.  It just suits me really well.  This is an entirely differnet topic, and I understand it's controversial, but working is what works for our family and I'm happy it's all working so brilliantly!

Liliana, of course, has transitioned without any difficulties.  When I drop her off, she just turns around, blows me a kiss, and says "Bye bye Mommy!" .

... and walks off.

No crying.  Not a peep.  For a 14 month old baby, she is QUITE independent.

ANYWAY, I need some advice from everyone!!! HELP me!!

 I have to decorate my Achievement Center room and need your help!  It's QUITE ugly right now.  Pictures to come soon!  We'll have to get our decorating shoes on.  Any ideas for a cute office at work? 

Second, this job makes me dress all fancy schmancy ... I mean, I can't even wear capri slacks!  I just bought gorgeous ones from the Limited and ... nope ... can't wear them! BUMMER. Any advice?  Where to shop for clothes, for shoes, for jewelry, what to wear while still being comfortable, etc.? 

Evan told me he'd help pick outfits for me on-line and you know what he's looking at right now? 


Don't really think that's what I had in mind!  WELL, at least not for work. ; )


  1. I prefer working, too. Though I do love me some baby.

    Try Ann Taylor and Banana Republic. If you don't mind the more conservative look, Brooks Brothers button downs are fabulous (buy on sale during their 40% off - In June and sometime in the fall). J Crew's suiting and button downs are good, too. I like BR's pants the best, though.

  2. Congrats to you. Shop at Ann Taylor loft which is a lot cheaper than Ann Taylor. Charming Charlies has great accessories.
    As for the room, what kind of set up do you want?

  3. good for you and congrats on the new job, sounds fantastic!

    I think Ann Taylor might be a good fit. Pricey, yes, so you may want to look for their sales, but they have nice work clothes for sure. Anne Klein has nice suits (at least the last time I bought them which was a few years ago). :)

  4. I concur with the recommendations (Ann Taylor, regular or Loft, Banana Republic). I have found decent work wear at New York & Company. Super cheap and sometimes they wear out but for the price, I think you get pretty comfy work clothes that look pretty nice. I don't know if you have one by you but I like White House Black Market as well. - Bindi

  5. BTW - Love your blog! - Bindi

  6. Honest to goodness, you can find cute affordable fashion at Dress Barn. They have an unfortunate name, but adorable wear to work that is comfortable but dressy. I also second New York and Company and if you want to splurge Ann Taylor Loft.

  7. As far as shoes go, when I was working a business formal job, I invested in a pair of ColeHaan pumps. They have "Nike technology" or whatever they call it, but whatever it is, it makes for some amazing and beautiful shoes that take you through the day. I bought a pair of the dyeable ones for my wedding too, and never regretted the pricetag!

  8. I say go with Ann Taylor...right now they are having a sale that is an additional 50% off already reduced items!!

    They have free shipping both ways on most orders so you can order what you want, try it on in front of your own mirror and send back what you don't like.

    and...if something you buy there falls apart due to faulty sewing, they will take it back and fix it, no questions asked!

  9. I'm sorry, I have no clothing advice. I stumbled on your blog looking for something about being pregnant in your 3L year, and your posts are so encouraging! Thank you for letting us know we can do it! (I will be due right before finals-yay.)

  10. I have found that Dillard's has some great sales on suiting... I love Antonio Milani and they have modern cute stuff that you can mix and match!

  11. Check out New York and Company! It is owned by Express and has similar styles but a lot less pricey. Plus, teachers get a 15% discount!! :)