Friday, August 19, 2011

My Office Semi-Makeover, PLUS, some decorating help needed!

Wow the blog writing is really taking a backseat lately huh?  Work has been HECTIC and BUSY to say the least.  I leave about an hour later than I thought I would every single day AND then I get home and work a few hours more.  It should calm down soon though.  I think this is what happens when you're new to a job.

The pluses though?  I LOVE the job.  I LOVE being busy, and I LOVE my office space.

I'm not done with it though and I need your help to finish it ... I know I need some prints on the wall, but I just don't know what else the space needs. 

Wanna see the makeover?


This was my office when I got to work the first day.  YIKES right?  I mean, it was a little bit stressful to see the mess.  SO, instead of dealing with this immediately, I decided I would tackle this on a Saturday with Evan and Liliana by my side. 

We went off to Target on Friday night and I shopped.  I decided the theme would be black and red and started finding some great deals.

Once I got rid of all the mess, it started looking a little bit better.  But, we still had plans and what a difference $80 makes!  Well, what do you think?

As you can see, I have a nice couch for students and parents to sit on during conferences.  I also have a sink behind my desk!  Cool huh?  And, another wonderful thing about this ginormous office?

My pretty view.  I get to see the kid eating lunch and get to see hills and trees throughout the day.  I love natural sunlight and love having my windows open.

I am so thankful for Evan helping to do all of this.  He was a trooper while we cleaned this up for 2 hours on a Saturday morning.  Also, Liliana was really helpful looking adorable too:

She brushed her hair while we worked ... how helpful right?

SO, I am SO very happy with my office.  It is so homey and I love spending time in it. 

Now ... what else should I do with it?  Advice?  Please?  ANY?


  1. You need two pictures/art on either side of the window. Black frames with red in the picture would match the rest of your office!

    Very cute!

  2. Glad to see things are looking great! Miss your Monday Minute:) hmmmm.....If you like a modern feel I go with the Life with Wife and place a and white picture. I would also look into the impressionist style with reds in the picture. To make people and yourself comfortable, people love art even if they don't know much about it. A lovely Monet or Renoir which would be a slight off set from the modern style. I might even go so far as to place a bowl on the table and buy some green apples...a healthy treat!

  3. I like how your office went from messy to straightened-out! However, you need to have an office-friendly wall color to keep your motivation high! Gotta replace that green wall with something funky too!

    -Faye Acklin

  4. You are truly inspiring! Your busy schedule never stopped you from applying your creativeness to your own hub! And the end result? Your workspace is a lovely! :)