Friday, August 26, 2011

Our GROWING family! : )

After much consideration, Evan and I decided it was a good time to expand our family some.  I mean, Liliana is already 15 months old and we just felt like it was time.

We even had a name chosen for our growing family ... it was fate ...

In just one short month, I will be holding one of these adorable cutie pies!  Isn't this the cutest thing you have ever seen?

We are getting a boy golden retriever and we'll be naming him Sherman!  (for those of you that might not know, Coach Sherman is the Texas Aggie Football Coach.  Needless to say, since our Aggies are highly ranked, we thought the name was awesome).

The parents?  The parents of these puppies?  Just take a look people ... holy moly our dog is gonna be a beauty!
 The Momma

The handsome Papa.

Did I fool you guys in to thinking that we were having another baby?  Are you guys CRAZY?  Evan is a RESIDENT people!  I just started a NEW SUPER SUPER BUSY job!  We BARELY make any money as it is ... nope, not time for that.  That is not in the cards for the Lacefield family for a good while longer. 

But you know what is ????


  1. Too precious! Golden's are the best dogs! Congrats on your new "addition" :D

  2. Oh my, I am SO jealous. I have literally wanted a golden retriever since I was five years old. They are the most beautiful dogs!

  3. I want a puppy! You're going to have one cute little doggy with those beautiful parents.

  4. Dogs are just wondeful...we have 2...and now 4 cats...yup we are crazy! The pups are so cute and when your new puppy has destroyed your comfy slippers and looks at you like he did nothing will take a picture:) When he has piddled just one more time, you will get upset and then he will look at you wil big soulful eyes and you will melt and hug him...10 min later as he needs to know he can't do that in the house:)This doggie will be very attached to your little girl I bet and will protect her too! here I thought you named the dog either after the Civil war general or Sherman potter from M.A.S.H. Oh well:)

  5. Puppies are so fun! I really want one, but GG is against another animal. We have enough cats he says!