Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tour of the New Home: Liliana's Bedroom!

I'm sorry I've been a crappy blogger lately.  I could say I've been too busy, but the truth is that I started a new book and am addicted to it.  Have you guys read Unbroken?  I highly recommend it. 

Amazon link.  READ IT!

Anyway, back to the tour.  Last time, I showed you the livingroom and today we're moving upstairs ... to the room of the prettiest little girl around!  To get upstairs, we go through the hall:

Rug bought on AND got that AWESOME print (What I Love Most About my Home is Who I Share it With) for FREE HERE.  I plan on changing it out when the holidays come!  LOVE Subway Art.

After the hall, we go up the stairs ...

And finally we have arrived at Liliana's room!

Liliana's room looks actually quite different than in did in Lubbock and I have to admit (I'm ashamed to admit) I like it better in Lubbock.  I had a horrible time choosing a paint color that I liked here.  In Lubbock, I only painted one wall and we got the same color here ... but with the different lighting, it looked like a chemical spill!  So, we went with this color (second gallon of course) and while it does look much better, it still needed something.

SO, off to Amazon I went.  I got those dots on the back wall for like $12 and it made a huge difference!  I had a LOT of left overs because sometimes less is more.  

The BEST part of her room though?  Look at the opposite wall:

ADORE these built-ins!  LOTS and LOTS of storage which is amazing.  Evan is actually using her old dresser to save on money because we don't need more drawers!  PLUS, I like having all those shelves so that we can put her plethora of books:

Here are the books that Liliana has in only her room.  Any book that has a counting or alphabet theme goes in the playroom downstairs, because that's the theme of her playroom.  She has tons of books ... but you know what she has PLENTY of?

Look at the amount of shoes she has!  And mind you, these are only size 4 shoes ... she had a full drawer of size 3 shoes, but those are already packed for the next baby girl, if we have one.  Also, we have one pair in our diaper bag, another in her playpen downstairs, AND she has a pair on today.  I bought the majority of them off of Ebay ... a lot of THIRTEEN shoes for TWENTY-TWO dollars (including shipping).  Do the math people, that's about $1.50 per pair.  WOWZA.  The rest are gifts or hand-me-downs from family members. 

Liliana's favorite thing in the room?

Mrs. Bunny.  Yes, she likes Mrs. Bunny.  She does not carry it around, she knows it stays in her crib, but every night when we put her to bed, she hugs Mrs. Bunny, looks at us and says "awwwww..." while hugging Mrs. Bunny, and then gives us a sweet "bye bye!"

Liliana says "HEEEEY...who is looking at my room...they better not take Mrs. Bunny!!" 

There ya have it, Liliana's little palace.  I can't believe in a little over a year I will be redoing this entire room for her "big girl" room.  Wow time flies! 

Next room: guest room and my piano room!


  1. Oh my word - that shoe collection! Love the built ins!

  2. Love the room and built-ins! She has more shoes than I have. I think I'll start shopping on eBay too.