Thursday, June 21, 2012

35 Week T-shirt Project

I am SO pleased to have made it to today.  I am 35 weeks and while of course I would love to keep my sweetheart in my belly another couple weeks, the main thing is that the bedrest has WORKED and today at my appointment I officially hadn't progressed!  I am still at 1 cm, 50% effaced, and the baby is engaged (meaning she dropped last week), but I really think I'll be able to make it to 36 weeks like I did with Liliana.  I haven't gained any weight the last 5 weeks so the doctor wants me to get an ultrasound next Thursday.  As long as that ultrasound looks good, he's going to keep me on bed rest for another couple weeks. BOO.  But it means possibly a full term baby?  WOO HOO!

35 Week Survey

  • How Far Along: 35 weeks today!
  • Total Weight Gain: 26 pounds
  • Maternity Clothes: you betcha! I really like jersey skirts and dresses. 
  • Stretch Marks: nope!  I'm one lucky lady.
  • Sleep: believe it or not, it's been semi-decent this week.  My back is actually feeling better!  I've just learned ways to cope with the back pain by taking tylenol every evening.  I hate doing it, but it keeps contractions away so 2 tylenol is worth that.
  • Best Moment this Week: just making it to 35 weeks!  I am SO happy about that.
  • Miss Anything: I'm on bedrest. I pretty much miss EVERYTHING: sexy time with the hubs, working out, being active, being able to help ... yeah, excited to get off bedrest for sure!
  • Food Cravings: not really!  maybe this is why I haven't gained weight in 5 weeks.  I'm just not that hungry.  I sit on my butt all day, how can I get hungry?
  • Labor Signs: I keep having BH contractions everyday, but since I've been on bedrest, I must admit the painful contractions have really subsided.  Let's hope that stays the same for another week minimally.
  • What I'm Looking Forward To: that ultrasound next week!  AND, making it to 36 weeks! : )
Now let's see that belly!


  1. I keep checking every day hoping not to see a baby post! Glad you've made it another week! Fingers crossed for four more!!!

  2. Good for you-another week down! You are doing great with the bed rest-Rah Rah!!:)Ok that is the essence of my cheerleader role. You are lucky with the food cravings! I bet any money if i was ever pregnant(will not happen) that i would be 2 ton annie and gain 80 lbs because I would have devoured enough chocolate to cover New York city. Good luck to you!!

  3. yay, I'm SO happy to see you post!!! :))) I'll be keeping you in my prayers, sweetheart! Hang in there. 2 weeks till full term yay!