Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Gloria Update!

Today was a BIG appointment day for us!  I FINALLY made it to my GOAL date ... 36 weeks along, June 28th.  You're probably thinking "I thought your original goal was to make it to 37 weeks on July 5th!"  Well you'd be right.  But when you've been on bed rest for 3 weeks and you thought you were about to deliver at 33 weeks, you change your goal.  And I did.  Liliana was born at 36 weeks perfectly healthy and so if I were to deliver Gloria today, she would be a GREAT already over 6 pound baby.

The big issue today was the fact that I haven't gained weight in 6 weeks.  I was about 5 pounds heavier when I got pregnant this go around, so I figured I would gain 5 pounds less.  But I'm going to gain about 10 pounds less.  Truth be told?  I'm REALLY happy about this.  As long as she's healthy, I'll have less to lose after she comes along.  At my ultrasound today, we saw that Gloria had plenty of fluid, is still growing, weighs 6 pounds and 4 oz already, and apparently has "lots of long hair!"  I didn't even know they could see that on ultrasounds!

Last week at my 35 week visit I was 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and very high.  But since then, my body has prepared me in quite a few ways that I would have some changes.  I FOR SURE lost my mucus plug, in lots of phases.  It has been DISGUSTING.  I didn't have this with Liliana, but I've had SO much pelvic pressure this go around and so much discharge.  Sorry if that's TMI, but I want to remember these details for myself too.  It's interesting b/c each pregnancy is so different just like each baby, and this last week has been so unlike what I had with Liliana.  I've had all the discharge, tons of pressure, and ALL at night.  During the day I don't worry.  But the second it gets to about 5 pm, I start thinking "is tonight the night?"

My progress as of today?  She's dropped even more, I'm a full 2 cm dilated, and quite thin (more than 75% effaced).  The doctor said there is a 50/50 chance of me making it to my ORIGINAL goal date of July 5th.  He said there's a 0% chance of my making it to 38 weeks, haha.  I'm ok with that though.  The way I see it, every single day now is a blessing. 

As for bed rest, he says he still wants me to take it easy for the next week BUT gave me the go to be able to do a LITTLE bit more in a few days.  He said to just listen to my body and that if it starts feeling like too much, to lay back down for a few hours.  So I'll probably wait until Monday to take it a little more active (as much as I can, because I got a case of the nesting today) but until then I can keep watching bad TV and updating the etsy shop when I feel like it. ; )

As for that nesting ... when I got home, the house drove me crazy out of NOWHERE.  I have since vaccummed, mopped, and dusted the downstairs of the house.  This is more than I've gotten done the last week!  I don't know if this change is because I know she'd be ok, just a little small, if born now or if it's because I'm truly getting the case of the nesting, but either way ... she'll be a coming sometime in the next two weeks!

Evan's prediction?  He thinks the baby will come TOMORROW (June 29th has always been his prediction date)!  My guess?  I think I'll deliver on July 3rd OR July 8th (those two numbers have been in my mind all along).  But only time will tell right?  I plan on writing on my birth plan some tomorrow.  It's going to be a big hodge podge of "I don't know what my plan is!" but hey, that's ok too!

To my dearest Gloria: I CAN'T WAIT to meet you!  To see that "long hair," and "tiny nose."  Thank you for making it to 36 weeks so that now I can just ENJOY the thrill that comes along with "IT'S TIME!!!"  If you would like to make it another week, that would be AWESOME.  If not, then you pick now baby girl.  We love you.


  1. Tomorrow is a good friend of mine's b-day, so that would be ok... July 8th is my daddy's b-day so that would be awesome! I'm still prediciting July 1st or me new fun one, July 4th! hehe... Can't wait to meet Gloria! She's going to be so beautiful and perfect!!!!! Love yall! Praying non-stop!

  2. That would be "my" new fun one... not me. I should proof-read before I submit! ;-)

  3. Yay!! So glad you made it! Now, maybe she'll be a firecracker and come July 4th. Either way, put down the mop and rest!

  4. Aww how exciting!!! :)) Happy for you!