Monday, June 25, 2012

Bed Rest Observations

I've now been on bed rest for nearly 2.5 weeks.  2.5 weeks of excruciating bed rest.  Bed rest absolutely stinks for numerous reasons ...

(1) you get bored.  No matter how many etsy orders I fulfill (which is quite a few actually! I'm almost at 100!) or how many books I read, I wish I could at least do what I want to do and when I want to do it!  There are things to do all around the house: organize kitchen cabinets, organize the hallway closet, etc.  But I can't do those! Ugh!

(2) you worry.  You worry constantly over every contraction, you read forums of people saying "the baby will be ok at 35 weeks or won't be ok at 35 weeks etc."  And, to make matters worse, there's nothing you can do about it.  Nearly daily I have an excuse for the amounts of contractions: "oh I didn't stay hydrated enough" or "my bladder was full, so THAT is why I had a contraction."

(3) you get frustrated. The unknown is quite frustrating and again, the lack of control ... it's that lack of control that's irritating.  I miss spending time with my daughter.  I get time with her in the morning and it's our special time together, but I had planned on having special weeks with her.  I had planned on painting all the time, on taking her to parks, etc. and I haven't had the opportunities to do that.  I miss spending time with my husband.  Bed rest takes THAT time out of the equation (hello, we're trying to AVOID labor not induce it).  I miss being myself, the person that is a go-getter, has things in order, and doesn't need help.  Bed rest doesn't permit any of these.

(4) there are some decent TV shows out there and some really crappy ones too. I found two TV shows that I can HIGHLY recommend b/c they are awesome: Sherlock (BBC) and White Collar.

the first season of Sherlock is on Instant Netflix and there are only 3 episodes (BOO!) but each episode is about the length of a movie (YAY!).  We liked it SO stinking much that we bought season 2 to be streamed from Amazon for only $9.99.  We have one episode left on season 2 (only 3 episodes again) and I can't wait to watch!  The acting is great, the stories are fabulous, and it's like a suspenseful movie again and again.

White Collars first 3 seasons are on Instant Netflix and I have a feeling that if we catch up, we'll be purchasing the latest season as well.  This show is about a guy that used to be an art thief and now he's consulting with the FBI to catch other criminals.  Aside from the fact that he is VERY nice looking, he's a hilarious actor.  Tiffani Thiessen (hello saved by the bell) is the worst actress on it, but fortunately she's not a huge character. HIGHLY recommend!

Now for the bad ...

I had heard this show was super popular and there were 87 episodes on Instant Netflix! JOY right? WRONG.  BOO, it stinks.  Bad acting, bad story line, and mainly just a ton of 19 year olds having sex together.

(5) prayers.  Tomorrow is my brother Carlos' birthday.  My sweet brother that passed when he was 13 years old.  Since I found out I was pregnant, I have always hoped and prayed that I would not go in to labor tomorrow.  I had decided today and tomorrow would be ALL about relaxation on my part to prevent my going in to labor on this day.  It's just that I don't want everyone to always associate Gloria and Carlos' birthday together.  And how has this relaxation been going?  Well our downstairs air conditioner broke down.  Yeah, I'm burning up.  Really?  C'mon.  Just, c'mon! PS it's 103 outside.


  1. I hate the heat! I hate it and I am not pregnant! I hold my glass of water up to you in honour of having to do what you have to do...and in the heat. I still believe that love IS triumphant and your brother's love for you and your's for him will bring all the comfort to your little one inside you. As for Sherlock-It is great eh?! (Oops had to be Canadian there). My niece-who is 17 and I each pick a movie that the other has to watch. Thankfully she loves film like me and I think I was a big influence on her. her pick for me was Sherlock and I watched all 3. I am a DVD nut and have quite the collection. It is fast paced, intelligent and so well written and acted. If you like British style of film making you may like MI-5. My husband and i are addicted to it. It is on the edge of your seat spy style TV Show. I don;t know if you like spy type of movies but it is excellent. So relax and enjoy more TV and films. Oh and my pick for my niece this month-"Ed Wood"-I picked an actual newer movie

  2. Ohhh, prayers your way!!! Sounds like you are doing your homework... keep that baby cooking longer!!! :)