Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gloria's Maternity Photos!

We took our maternity pictures with Gloria a week ago and to say that I am in love with the results is a little bit of an understatement.  The main thing that worried me was whether Liliana would be in a picture taking mood that morning and though she mainly wanted to go around the park and play, she did stop for a few gorgeous shots and that's all you need.

I'm putting quite a few pictures on this here blog, sorry there are so many.  I just can't pick which ones are my favorite and I want to post them in case other people want some inspiration.  

Hugging Mommy's belly

 Can you read yet Gloria?  Stay in Mommy's belly until July!  PLEASE!

Had this same shot when pregnant with Liliana and had to do a repeat.

Evan is in love with this belly.  He can't wait to meet Gloria.

Is Liliana starting to look like Mommy or what?

 Cute idea by the photographer.

Took this in the master bedroom.  Plan on using the same background after Gloria arrives.

Coming home dress.
I wore it on way home when I was born, Liliana wore it on her way home, and Gloria will too!

Holding hands with my lover.

 Love this very candid shot with my girl.

The special necklace.
Wore this necklace b/c Tata (Gloria's namesake and my grandmother) brought it home from Venice for me.  Venice was her dream trip and she got to go before passing.

The special bracelet.
When Tata passed, my cousin and I each took a few pieces of jewelry that Tata owned.  This bracelet was what I took.  One day, I will pass it along to Gloria.

Have to do the close up belly photo right?

Enjoying the craving.

LOVE in a picture.


  1. They are all so good! The last one is my hands down favorite!

  2. Cute pics The 2nd one is my fave... it would be hard to choose though!

  3. So cute! I cannot believe how much Liliana looks like you!

  4. I love them all! They are so beautiful, but seriously, how could they not be with you guys as the subjects?! ;-) Yes, Gloria, please stay in until July so that we can share a birth month! 7/12 sure is a great day to be born! =D Love you all!!!!

  5. Love your photos. I need to get ours done too! I really love the last one as well.

    <3 Faith