Friday, June 15, 2012

The Big Results

We had our two doctor's visits yesterday.  They went ... well ... honestly, they could have gone better.

First was Liliana's doctor's appointment.  We did a repeat VCUG on her and to be completely 100% honest, I thought the results were going to be completely normal.  I really did.  The put the catheter in her and I was able to stay in the room for that, but once they started the xrays, I had to leave since I'm pregnant.  The problem?  She's potty trained now and didn't want to go pee pee in the bed like she has to.  The whole point of the VCUG is to see what happens to the kidneys and that entire region when she urinates.  She was screaming her head off poor baby and wouldn't go pee pee.  Finally Evan was able to stop by really quickly at the very end and put his head near Lilana's and she calmed down so much. 

A year ago, Liliana had what was considered minor Grade 2 reflux in her left kidney which means urine goes in to her kidney.  This normally wouldn't be bad, but if she gets a UTI, she might have infected urine go in to her kidneys then.  This time ...

She had grade 2 plus on BOTH kidneys.  NOT what I expected. 

I didn't cry because I know that this could be SO much worse.  She doesn't need surgery (she would if it was grade 5) but I'm still very sad.  Liliana is no where near done having to get VCUG's, this for sure means that Gloria will have to have studies done shortly after she is born as well (this is herediatry ... Liliana has this issue because of me), and it also means the visits aren't done.

Fortunately for us, we know a few Urologists in town (including Liliana's Daddy!) and we already spoke with the pediatric Urologist and we'll be having a visit with him and an Ultrasound done soon.  We'll see what the plans are from here on out. 

THEN ... VISIT #2: the OB.

Last week, at 33 weeks I was almost 1 cm dilated and 25% effaced and got put on bed rest.  This week, I am a full cm dilated and 50% effaced at 34 weeks.  I got put on the monitor, they saw some uterine irritation and I had a contraction while on the monitor so the Doctor kept me on bed rest.  The Doctor says he doubts I will make it to full term which was my BIG true goal.  So that makes me sad.  He also says that he realizes that if I was active, I would go in to labor.  I have to agree.  Whenever I do actually do something around the house, I immediately have contractions.  For instance, yesterday afternoon I cleaned the 3 toilets in the house and left to my doctor's appointmnet. Just the cleaning of those toilets and walking in to the visit gave me probably the most painful contraction I've had yet.  History of my first pregnancy taught us it doesn't take too many contractions to make me dilate so any serious contractions aren't welcome.

Normally at this stage, you go back every two weeks, but the Doctor wants me to go back next Thursday again to see how things go.  SO, that's what we'll do.  In the mean time, more resting, more finding things to do while relaxing, and more HOPING and PRAYING that Gloria keeps cooking in my belly.


  1. I'm so sorry that the results weren't what you wanted to hear! That can be so tough. Praying miss Gloria stays put!

  2. You know it's funny but I've been thinking about you and I don't even know you! I just wanted to "stop by" and see how you've been.

    I'm sorry it's not been what you would have wanted... but congratulations on making it to 34 weeks! Lots of prayers your way, Cristy!

  3. well first of all-It is not your fault that you carry the gene. It sucks but it is NOT your fault. I have something that one of my parents gave to me and it is genetic and I do not blame them and I always told my mom it is not her fault because my mom felt intense guilt. The good news is that her daddy is a specialist in this area and so he will know all the new advancements. You will keep a watchful eye on Liliana and Gloria and you will know what to do. As for bed rest-Please do the bed rest:) It must be extremely difficult but you need to do this. No more cleaning toilets:)

  4. No more toilets. I get you are a typical woman (aren't we all) that see stuff that needs attention and wants to tackle it, but just hang in there. I'm praying for you!