Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Kiss

Ten years ago today, he came to visit me at the store.

I worked at a kitchen store called "Southern Hospitality."  My Mom's friend owned the store and was kind enough to pay me $8.00 / hr (minimum wage was $5.25 at the time so this was amazing pay).  I worked 10 - 6 and it was a perfect summer job: I could still go out with friends in the evening and still make pretty decent pay.  It was also VERY slow some days.  Hence, inviting this cute boy that I had been instant messaging with lately (yeah, remember AIM?)

He was SMART and HOT.  And to be honest, those were about the only 2 thoughts I had.  I was 17 and those two criteria were good enough for me.

So he sweetly started coming to spend time with me while at work.  He would swim in the mornings (captain of his swim team) and meet me around noon.  Sometimes he would bring me lunch and then we would just talk and enjoy our time together.

And suddenly, within a couple days (seriously, that's all it took) I was pretty darn smitten.  He wasn't just smart and hot.  He was nice.  Kind. Considerate.

He was a keeper. 

I couldn't believe HE was coming to visit ME.  Why me?  He could have ANY girl he wanted at our school.  You know the typical high school TV shows/ movies where there is a boy that is really nice, good looking, and usually dates the cheerleader?  That COULD have been him, had he wanted it to be.

But instead, he was happy being nice, reading books all the time, swimming, and liking ... me.

I didn't get it.  And, it scared me.  But something in me said "don't let it go."

So on June 7th, ten years ago, he came to visit me in the store and immediately, I acted on impulse.  I hadn't planned a thing.  The second I saw him, I wanted to tell him how I felt, but in the only way my 17 year old mind knew how to.  I walked him to the back of the store (so that just in case a customer came they wouldn't see something inappropriate) and he said ...

"Why are you taking me back here?"

It wasn't sarcastic.  It was innocent.  He truly didn't understand.

And I didn't say anything.  I just kissed him.  Kissed him with all the completely non experienced 17 year old passion that I had.

After we finished the kiss he said:

"Oh, that's why."  And we giggled, and held hands.  And kissed again (before hearing the oh so romantic knock from the back door with the UPS man delivering some inventory).

Yet, the kiss ... it was sweet.  It was perfect.

It was our first kiss.  And ten years later, here I am, still kissing Evan.  In love with him more than I would have ever imagined on that June 7th.  10 years ago I wasn't thinking a thing about the future.  I was just thinking about the then, the present.  But wow, oh wow, these 10 years sure have led us to a lot huh?

10 years later, I am still kissing him, this time with passion that I know is real.  And the kisses are EVEN BETTER than I could have imagined.  What a wonderful day June 7th is.   A day I will never, ever forget.  It was the day that formed the most formidable part of my life.

A kiss.



  1. I am one of the least sappy people on the planet... and yet, I teared up a bit at this post. Really nice, Cristy. And congratulations on 10 years!

  2. OMG thanks for writing this. It made me smile, and smile, and smile. Real life romances are so much better than the movies, aren't they ;)?

  3. How cute and how adorable. I absolutely LOOOOVE this post!

  4. So, I came across your blog after googling "kumari garden nursery" as I'm in the process of ordering crib bedding, and I stumbled here to find that I love your blog :) My husband and I celebrated 10 years since we started dating in Feb. 2012 (high school sweethearts that started talking on AIM as well!!) haha and he is currently in med school. New follower here and I'm excited to catch up on your posts.