Saturday, April 10, 2010

30 Week Survey

How far along? 30 weeks, 4 days
Maternity clothes?
This week I think I got big enough to start getting HOT HOT HOT outside/ inside/ doesn't matter.  So, I went to Motherhood Maternity and spent some money.  I hate spending money, but I bought a SUPER COMFY cotton black skirt, a couple tank tops, and even my dress for the baby shower next weekend!

Cute Baby Shower Dress! : )
I'm also planning on wearing this for the brunch Evan's hosting the day after I graduate!

Stretch marks? This answer is still NO!  Woo hoo!  Every morning I'm convinced I have them because my skin gets all wrinkley from sleeping in the same position and without my contacts I can't see the difference...haha...oh the joys of pregnancy.

Sleep wasn't too bad this week!  I've definitely had worse back pain evenings.  I did a great job of stretching, and I think that helps.  I also worked out a couple times and I'm convinced working out helps in so many ways, including that.

Best moment this week: 
Well, we went to our first birthing class this morning and that was really fun! : )  Yes, they told us (well, especially Evan), nothing that he hadn't heard before, but it's good for me to go in the hospital and get familiar with the area, etc.  We have another session next week and apparently, by then, you're all ready! (yeah right)

Movement: She did a great job again this week.  She moves at least every hour.  There were some movements that hurt quite a lot.  I think she's jabbing her heel in to my ribs.  So I move around and that eventually causes her to change positions.

Food cravings:I've craved gummies a couple times but since Evan worked 100 freakin hours this week, I never told him...poor thing, he doesn't need to be running out and getting me candies!  He's exhausted!  I also craved food from Manna Bread and Wine, but that place is too pricey, so I'll just make sure and buy some gummies today instead. ; )

The nursery for Liliana FINALLY is complete!  I put up a video on facebook last week and a few people commented that they liked it.  I don't' care if they mean it or not...I love it and that's what matters!

Labor Signs: 
I've had two real contractions within the last week.  Not gonna lie, that's pretty painful stuff.  I suppose my body is preparing me for the real thing.

Belly Button in or out?
Outie.  It's funny because on Wednesday's I don't' have to dress up (that's my day off from work) and I didn't wear pants with the full panel in front.  Well, that makes my belly button show up BIG TIME in shirts and quite a few people at the law school commented on it. 

What I miss:
I miss moving around more freely.  When I work out, I'm disappointed in how tired I get, or in the fact that I flat out can't do so many movements!  I'm looking forward to feeling like I have my own body back once again.  But, I'd rather have her cook for 9 weeks longer. : )

What I am looking forward to: 
Our baby shower is this weekend!  In fact, I'm just looking forward to the weekend in general!  We're gonna spend time with Kristen and Darren on Friday, have the birthing class on Saturday, and then the baby shower that afternoon!  Should be a great couple of days.

Weekly Wisdom:
Don't wear skirts to a birthing class!  They have you get on the floor and practice positions that help women when they're experiencing pain during labor.  Fortunately, nobody was wearing skirts, but I think they should have told people not to...I don't want everybody seeing all that!!

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