Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Days Aren't Getting Any Better.

Sometimes, when I think things can't get worse...

After my tough news on Friday, we spent that evening with our great friends Kristen and Darren and I went to bed more calm about the bad news received from the law firm.  Since then, I've been in communication with a law firm that my boss recommended me to and hopefully that will go some where.  But, unfortunately, somehow, the job became the least of our problems, and hasn't been on my mind since Sunday morning.

On Sunday afternoon, I had some post-coital bleeding.  This, needless to say, freaked me out.  When I saw blood on the sheets, I immediately started crying.  I got so scared that something was wrong with Liliana.  We immediately called the doctor and they told us to come in to labor and delivery to be monitored.  We left the house while I called my parents on the way and heard fear in my Mom's voice.  Once we got to the hospital, they hooked me up to the fetal heart monitor and had us count movements.  Long story short: Liliana is MORE than fine, and in fact, the doctor said she looks "excellent."  She says that post-coital bleeding is really common during pregnancy, and put us on pelvic rest for a few days (yes, pelvic rest is apparently common during pregnancy (this is our third pelvic rest order), but being so far along, I was surprised it was only for a couple days that she ordered pelvic rest).  She checked my cervix and said it's completely closed and I didn't have any contractions, but just cramps while being monitored, so things are right where they should be...whew.  Our Sunday afternoon wasn't quite what we had planned, and for one second, I imagined how life would be without our little baby being healthy.  It was the worst thing I have EVER imagined.

Yesterday, once I finally started calming down (because I, of course, have problems calming down after seeing that), Evan and his friends from surgery decided to go out to Buffalo Wild Wings and drink a few beers to celebrate being done with surgery.  They have this week off to study for their big exam on Friday.  Normally, in other rotations, he gets one day off to study, but since they work so many hours during surgery, they have to give them the week off because if not, all the students would fail the exam.  Anyway, we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings and had a great time.  When we got home though, things turned bad really quickly.

Evan went outside to feed the dogs and say hello to his beloved girls and noticed that Linda was acting funny.  He leaned over and before he was able to see anything, Maggie jumped on Linda and started trying to attack her, which apparently, had already happened while we were gone.  Linda's shoulder was bleeding pretty badly and the worst part is, we weren't home when it happened!  Maggie and Linda had fought before.  Maggie is much bigger than Linda.  Maggie is a pure bred English pointer while Linda is a beagle mix.  We're talking about a difference of over thirty pounds.  I brought Linda inside and immediately started bawling.  Linda started dripping blood all over the carpets.  I started crying because I knew what was going to happen...we're going to have to give Maggie away.

Evan and I quickly took Linda to a Small Emergency Veterinary Clinic that stays open over night.  We left her there while we went home to spend some time with Maggie.  Evan, up to this point, had stayed strong.  I was a mess.  But while I went to the restroom, he went outside and picked up her toy and pet her and when I came outside, he was crying a lot.  It's like it suddenly hit him.  This sweet dog and Evan are like two peas in a pod.  It breaks my heart, it really does.

We called the shelters this morning.  They're full, but offered euthanization...yeah...thanks.  Not an option for us.  We posted something on Craigslist and Facebook and have one email from Craigslist and a couple interested from Facebook.  I just hope we can find her a good home.

Regardless, we are crushed.  While Maggie will hopefully go to a good home, it won't be our home.  She won't be around our home anymore, and that breaks our hearts.  To us, Maggie no longer will exist...and that will be so hard to handle.  I'll miss her so much.  I love this dog, but honestly, what kills me is that Evan won't have his girl anymore.  Seeing them together was so much fun.  I feel horrible that he won't have that anymore, but for Linda's sake and much more importantly for Liliana's sake, we can't keep her...

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