Monday, April 19, 2010

32 week survey

I realized a couple days ago that I've been doing these surveys all wrong!  If you think about it, this week should be my 32 week survey.  This realization was exciting and daunting all at the same time!  Exciting because that means Liliana will be here even sooner than I had thought.  Daunting...because...that means Liliana will be here even sooner than I had thought...

How far along? 32 weeks tomorrow

Maternity clothes? Yep, and I love them.  I think I'm at the great stage of maternity clothes where everything fits me perfectly.  None of the clothes are too tight or too big anymore.  It's kinda fun getting in to the outfits every day to see how different my belly looks than the last time I wore it.

Stretch marks? Still none!  I even had Evan take a look at the back side this morning (I can't see it in the mirror, haha) and he swears there aren't any (p.s. If he's lying, I'd be ok with that).  I've thought about posting another belly picture for a while now.  As I said before, I HATE bare belly pictures...but I LOVE looking for them on the internet to compare myself against others, so I'm doing this for other ladies that want to see what they'll look like at 31 weeks (sorry, I'm not taking my 32 week picture until tonight). 

Holy face looks like a balloon! : (
BUUUUT, you don't see any stretch marks do ya? : )

Sleep:  This weekend, we slept and slept and slept, and it was awesome!  We woke up around 9:45 on Saturday and not until 10:30 on Sunday.  I loved having my husband back for a full weekend.

Best moment this week: the baby shower! : )  We had so much fun at the baby shower with our friends.  We've gotten really lucky here in Lubbock the last three years and have gotten to know some amazing people.  I'll really miss some of them when graduation rolls around.

Movement: Liliana doesn't move as much on the weekends as she does during the week.  I think it's because life is more calm on the weekends and I'm looking out for her movements.  Overall though, she's still very active.  I've read on quite a few blogs that other people write about how their baby moves "a few times a day" for "30 minutes" and they "just can't believe it!"  HA!  Liliana doesn't move for 30 minutes total in the entire day! haha...ok maybe that's exaggerating a tad, but really, she's a mover overall and I love that.  I tease her for not letting me sleep, but when she isn't as active other days, I wish she'd wake me up more often.

Food cravings: I wanted a burger on Saturday night. Evan tried going quite a few times, but I told him that I don't need to get what I want immediately.  These are just cravings, and not healthy ones (obviously).  But, by Sunday, I was fine with eating one...and it was good.

Gender: You should have seen all the wonderful and amazing pink stuff we got at the shower on Saturday. 

Labor Signs: I had some back cramping yesterday that felt pretty painful, but no contractions like the one I had around week 30 thankfully.

Belly Button in or out? The belly button is so out that I can see what the inside of my belly button has looked like for the first time in my life...I see why innies are more attractive.

What I miss: EXERCISE.  I miss working out so much.  Whenever I try doing exercise, my uterus starts contracting immediately and I have to lay down.  It makes me feel really defeated.  I just feel lazy.  Everyone keeps telling me "you're really pregnant! You're not lazy! Just walk or work out your arms instead."  This is a really difficult thing to tell someone who worked out on nearly a daily basis and loved working out until she couldn't breathe!  Working out was my biggest hobby before the pregnancy and I feel like it was taken from me.  I can't wait to work out once again...

What I am looking forward to: We have another doctor's visit again this week (on Thursday).  It's with Dr. Farooki, my second favorite option after Dr. Casanova.  Actually, I should say, EVAN'S favorite option...I haven't met her yet, but I've heard amazing things about her. 

Weekly Wisdom
: HEATING PADS.  Yesterday after about 3 in the afternoon, my back pain wouldn't let up.  It was either spasming, or just constant.  Around 8 in the evening, after numerous back rubs, I was quite frustrated.  Evan offered trying the heating pad and while the relief from the heating pad doesn't last once you take it off, while the heating pad is on there, my pain went from an 8 to a 3...much better!  I had it on there for a couple hours and got more school work done in those two hours than I had the entire weekend. 

:  It's the week of 2: 2 more weeks of school for me (before finals), 2 more days of work for me, and most importantly...2 months until her arrival!

I feel horrible for leaving you with that ugly picture up above...goodness...

So, instead I'll leave you with a BEFORE picture of Evan.  Evan has decided that since he's done with his horrible surgery hours (YAY!), he's going to get back in to shape. He's so cute, he wants to be a really in shape Dad. : )

The thing is, he's already in pretty great shape!  Anyway, he had me take a before picture last week and has been doing some P90X workouts (he's done it 3 days so far) and will meet our friend Ryan a few times during the week to do cross fit.  Therefore, consider yourself lucky for seeing below.

(wow, he's gonna kill me for putting this picture up.  In fact, if you are reading this at some point and there is no picture below, it's because he had me take it down.  Don't be mad honey, it just means I think my hubby is a hottie!)

What a good looking back!  Swimmers bodies are the best...

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