Monday, May 3, 2010

34 Week Survey

How far along? 34 weeks tomorrow

Maternity clothes?Today I'm in my stretchy black maternity pants...yep, it's that time. Don't get me wrong, I still fit in to my maternity jeans, but they can get uncomfortable and the second I get home, they're off.  It's funny because this is a time in my life where not wearing pants is the most comfortable option, but I don't want my poor husband to have to see that! haha!  I also have a maternity shirt that isn't really fitting yeah, I think I'm getting bigger!  The funniest thing about it all is I still don't feel that huge.  I know that's what bothers most women is feeling humongous.  I am big (obviously since my clothes aren't fitting), but it doesn't bother me too much.  It's mainly on my belly (well, aside from my arms, calves, feet, ass, face, etc.).

Stretch marks? No, but I have to say...I don't think they're far away.  My skin is kinda saggy on my upper back and getting pretty damn tight on this belly.  This morning I got a glimpse of what the stretch marks would look like (my skin has a bunch of marks when I wake up in the morning because it easily gets dimpled by the sheets since I'm getting pretty swollen) and got really depressed.  I am not at all used to seeing my body look like that.  I think it will be hard on me when the stretch marks finally do come because there's really nothing I can do about it. 

Sleep: I've had some tough nights, but not too bad overall.  I'm through the worst schedule wise thankfully because I'm on dead days now to study for finals so for instance, I don't have to wake up early until next week for one of my finals.  That way, if I get a horrible nights rest, I can let myself sleep in.  I had been bragging to Evan that the exhaustion of the first trimester hadn't hit me yet and I was thrilled.  Well, guess who took a one hour nap with Linda by her side today?  OOPS!  I don't have time to be napping!  I have four finals.  I haven't had that many since my first year of law school and honestly am incredibly stressed.  But, the nap happened and I feel pretty refreshed, so naturally I took that energy gained during my nap to heat up lunch and study! : )

Best moment this week: Last Friday (04/30) at 2:15 p.m. I officially was done with attending law school classes!  I can't even describe the moment.  I don't think it's really hit me yet.  Evan was beyond thrilled for me.  He sent me about 20 texts saying how excited he was for me and was waiting for me outside my class room with a huge smile on his face, and I kept thinking "why is he making such a big deal out of this?" But, you know what?? He's right!  It is SO exciting.  I'll never wake up for class again.  AWWWEEESSOME!!!

Movement: Liliana's movements have changed greatly, which is what's supposed to happen at this stage.  She no longer kicks or punches, but rolls around.  They're really interesting feeling.  A 5 pound human is squirming around inside of me! That being said, she's moved amazingly this week and I'm really proud of her.

Food cravings: I made some brownies last night...hee hee...1/3 of the pan is gone.  WHAT?? Evan had a small piece, so it wasn't ALL me. ; ) 

Gender: At this stage of pregnancy, I know I still have quite a few weeks left and yet I want so badly to meet our little GIRL! 

Labor Signs: I had another tough night on Saturday with lots of Braxton Hicks.  Boy oh boy, labor will not be fun.  I'm really uncomfortable for a minute at a time and then 10 minutes later, bam another one hits.  I think this happens when I'm a little dehydrated so I need to make sure and drink lots and lots of water around graduation day! 

Belly Button in or out? This week Evan discovered how fun it is to poke at my outie! DORK!  He likes how soft it is I guess.  Wow, you officially learn a lot about each other during pregnancy. I don't have the outie that goes 100% out because my belly button is three parts is the best way I can think of to explain it.  Hard to explain.  However, it definitely is an outie.  I don't mind it so much.  It gives character to my outfits.  Yeah, that's how I'll justify it to myself: character.

What I miss: My old body.  It's funny, before I got pregnant, I could stand in front of a mirror and pinch every area and complain.  Now all I can think to myself is "you had it good!"  
I've started feeling sorry for myself much more than before.  I watch "top 20 celeb bodies" on TV and get pretty down on myself.  I know that's stupid.  I know "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant," but I can't help but feel fat.  It's not just the body image.  It's the way it changes my every day life: working out, moving around, getting in and out of the car, and even using the whisk while I was making brownies last night (I had Evan do it, because I was scared I'd give myself some contractions and those just don't feel very good).
What I am looking forward to: I have my 34 week visit tomorrow and I think I'll have our final ultrasound soon too!  Dr. Casanova told me at week 20 that he wanted it around week 34, so I'll ask them tomorrow if we're still planning on doing that.  Honestly, I really want to see her again! : )  I know we just got an ultrasound a month ago, but I'm so curious how much she's weighing!

Weekly Wisdom
: Buy Jenny McCarthy's books!  I bought two books a couple weeks ago: Belly Laughs and Baby Laughs.  Belly Laughs is all about pregnancy and Baby Laughs is all about the first year of motherhood.  I already finished Belly Laughs (the entire book took 1.5 hours to read) and I'm half way done with Baby Laughs.  I read 10 pages after every 45 minutes of studying.  It makes me so excited to get back to studying so I can read my 10 pages and laugh my ass off!  The Belly Laughs was AMAZING.  I felt so much more normal after seeing that somebody else had gone through the exact same thoughts I had experienced.  I'll definitely give a more depth book review later this week and maybe go through my favorite chapters.  The lady might have posed for playboy a thousand times and she might annoy the crap out of me with her Autism/ vaccine argument, but damn can she write some funny easy read books.

:  reaching 34 weeks.  It's funny...pregnancy is all about milestones.  Each week reached is another sigh of relief.  But in general, the big barriers are: 12 weeks (decreases chance of miscarriage greatly), 24 weeks (viability), 28 weeks (babies survive 85% of the time), 34 weeks (babies survive 97% of the time), and of course, full term.  Well, my Mom has been stressing me out through the entire pregnancy and whenever I had reached one of these barriers she kept saying "I'll be calm when you reach 34 weeks."  At 34 weeks, her lungs are fully developed, Abuela's finally calm, and Mommy is starting to get excited/ terrified...

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