Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Day I've Thought of A Million Times: Graduation from Law School

Well, on Saturday, May 15, 2010, I finally graduated from law school.  It took three long years, countless hours of studying, countless hours of attending lectures, thousands of dollars in books and study aids, and quite a lot of tears, but I can officially say I have my Juris Doctorate.   Man...that feels good.

I thought I would dedicate this post to graduation weekend, because honestly, it was pretty great.  First, on my way home from my last final, I treated myself to a pedicure and eyebrow wax (that one, surprisingly, was much less relaxing than the pedicure).  Right after my relaxing pedicure (where they even put paraffin wax on my feet...ahhh) Evan met me and took me to lunch.  We just relaxed and barely talked about school, which for the past few weeks was a big change in our daily conversation.  Evan had to go back to clinic, so I went home and was supposed to go to the grocery store to buy some ingredients to bake with, but instead, I just layed on the couch for two hours.  I didn't do a thing.  I wasn't thinking about a thing.  I just layed there and relaxed.  Again...ahhh.  Thursday night, Evan and I were going to go to a law school party until I learned it was a kegger with 120 people and decided perhaps me and my fat self shouldn't go anymore.  Nine months ago, I would have been all about going.  A bunch of the people there were my close friends and it would have been fun, but alas,  Liliana calls the shots now.  So instead, we watched a movie together and went to Target to start getting the ingredients for the hospital bag.  Overall, it was an amazing first day off...I had very little to stress about and got to spend it with Evan, who I had practically been ignoring for two weeks of finals.

Friday morning, I woke up feeling domestic and became a baking diva!  I made some chocolate crinkles (delicious) and this pound cake.  This pound cake is really delicious and ubber only has three sticks of butter!
Delicious Pound Cake that was gone by the end of the weekend

By the time I was done baking and getting ready, some of my company almost arrived!  My parents, my grandpa, and Titi Oni were at the house by 3 p.m. and I was already getting even more excited for the festivities.  We went to dinner at Triple J Chophouse (I had been craving the bread pudding for weeks).

On Saturday morning, my brother and Annie arrived and company started coming in from all over.  Evan's mom, poor thing, had been delayed 9 hours getting here and didn't even arrive until 4:30 in the morning! We had people from: El Paso, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Puerto Rico, San Antonio, and Garden City.  I have some pretty amazing family huh?

As I walked in to the auditorium that night, I wasn't nervous in the slightest.  I wasn't even all that excited.  I was more aware of my surroundings than I had been in months (pregnancy makes it hard to focus).  I was hot as hell because I'm so pregnant and my feel were swollen and my back hurt, but quite honestly, I just wanted to walk across the stage.  I worked really hard.  I don't think that's conceited to say: I deserved this moment and I was going to enjoy it...and I did.
Before graduation.  The onesie says "Attorney Work Product."   
Underneath the onesie is my 36 week ginormous belly.  I didn't think it looked all that huge, but right before he was about to leave, my brother looked at me with these pitiful eyes and said "God sis, you look like you're about to pop." I think my belly is now in the ginormous category.

The Man that Went through it all...
My handsome husband and I before graduation.  After I walked the stage, I heard someone call my name and Evan had run down the stairs to get as close as he could just to wave and smile at me.  It was such a sweet moment.  I looked at him and blew a kiss.  He knew that I wouldn't have walked that stage had it not been for his pushing me throughout the years, particularly that first year.
After graduation, we went to the parties!  My party was at McPherson Cellars and we had food catered from Stella's.  I think people really enjoyed the festivities.  We didn't get home until nearly midnight and by the time we got to bed it was two in the morning.  By 7:00, Evan was awake because he was throwing a brunch with his Mom before people headed back to their respective homes.  Evan worked so hard on this brunch.  I wish I could have a post just showing my appreciation.  He had bought all the decorations, had spent a week staining and power washing the fence, had been religiously watering the plants so everything would look nice, had made lists and lists of all the food we needed, had ordered muffins, had made the casserole as a practice, etc.  Really, I was so honored and touched that he wanted to do this for me.  His Mom was a great help too.  She had brought her own casserole and really served as a helping guide.  Evan had never done a brunch, much less for nearly 40 people, so having a helping hand was wonderful.

By the time everyone left (our last guest left on Monday), I have to admit I was really tired.  Yesterday my Mom told me that she has never seen me so tired in my entire life.  I had some really strong contractions and we started even worrying I was going in to pre-term labor, but I think it was just the hustle and bustle of the weekend.  As long as Liliana's ok though, it was totally worth it.


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