Friday, May 14, 2010

My Finals...

Well, yesterday marked a pretty big day in my life.  I am officially done with law school.  Finals, while I barely talked about them on my blog, were pretty brutal this semester.  I had FOUR of them.

(1) Criminal Procedure - 05/05 - I studied pretty hard for this one, but our professor did a horrbile job preparing us in class, so I did my best with what I could.  So while I read over the outlines a few times like I usually do, they just didn't have the substance they shoudl have had and honestly, the professor didn't do the job she should have to prepare us.  I think I passed though.  This will be the theme here...that's what's important.

(2) Texas Estate Administration - 05/10 - This class was probably one of my favorites this semester.  It's all about the job of an attorney or an executor and how to administer estates after someone passes.  It was SUCH a useful class.  I already started our wills when I had a few minutes between classes (yeah, law school does that to start doing nerdy things like writing your own wills just for the heck of it).  This final was a tough one.  It was really detail oriented but again, I think I passed.

(3) Marital Property - 05/12 - This class had my favorite professor: Hatfield.  He's the funniest guy and his exam for Wills and Trusts last year was really fair, so I wasn't that worried.  Boy, was I wrong.  It was tough!  The reason though was because there were only 38 questions and questions 1- 15 were worth 5 points, questions 15 - 30 were worth 3, and questions 30 - 38 were worth 1 point.  So in other words, the fact that I was really confused by 5 of the first 15 is BAD...really really bad.  Again though, I made educated guessed and had studied, so I think (hope) I passed.  I've thought I did worse before on a law school final and came out with a passing grade, so I think I'll be alright.

(4) Family Law - 05/13 - Yeah, can you believe it?  I had three finals in a four day period.  That's freaking brutal and it's by far the worst I've had in law school.  Your first year, they give you 3 in a six day period.  These exams are long and cover a huge amount of information so it's really exhausting.  I remember in college I tried scheduling finals as close together as possible so I could be done for the semester!  Ha, how times have changed.  I could have done a better job studying for this test, but I have to admit, when I got home after my Marital Property exam, I was really beat!  I tried my  best to focus, but just couldn't.  My body and mind were overwhelmed and exhausted.  I decided to take a break and try to find some shoes for my graduation, and that helped a little.  But that break only bought me about 2 hours of studying before I was beat again.  This final really wasn't that tough, but I honestly wasn't as prepared as I could have been.  I, however, did my best and that's all you can ask for.

Sorry for the most uninteresting blog post ever.  For those of you in law school, you'll probably think "wow she doesn't sound nearly stressed enough about finals."  I assure you, I usually am, but third year is funny like that.  You just start not giving a shit.  You should, because if you're unemployed like I am, your grades still matter a lot, but you're just drained.

So to any third year law students out there, my advice is: do the best you can.  That's what you've done so far throughout law school and obviously you're still truckin', so keep it up...just this last time.  And then, like me: YOU'LL BE DONE!!

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