Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A - Z Survey

I saw this survey on another blog I follow and decided to do this today as my blog post!  I just finished taking the first of four finals before graduation and doing a mindless task sounds perfect.

A - Z Survey

A: Area Code: Both Evan's and my cell phone are 210 area codes.  That's because we're from San Antonio and have had the same phone numbers for years.  Lubbock has 806 area codes, but I doubt we'll change to that unless for some reason they require Evan to during residency.

B: Bed Size: We have a queen in our bedroom and used to sleep on full size beds in college.  Getting a queen instead of a king was actually my Mother's advice.  She said that my Dad and her switched to a King and she regrets it because they cuddle much less.  I have to admit, I love that advice because it does have us cuddle more often!  HOWEVER...maybe during pregnancy a king would have been nice for Evan because I'm pretty sure my pregnancy pillow takes up 90% of the bed! haha.
 The Queen Bed to which I'm referring.  
Evan says it's his favorite room in the house...wonder why! haha.  Actually, he says he likes it because it's really calming.  The other walls are painted a light blue and it is really calming.  I love this room because Evan made those nightstands and I stained them.  So much of our house was DIY which made our first month of marriage so much fun!

C: Chore you Hate: Putting away my laundry!  I don't know why, but I can't stand doing it.  Evan teases me because by the time I finally put my half away, we've done another load of laundry...he's right.  Oops.

D: Dog's Name: Linda Mujer, which means Pretty Woman in Spanish. We had an amazing pointer Maggie Mae that we unfortunately had to give away a couple weeks ago.  Now, I'm having to deal with a depressed Linda.  She lays around looking miserable all day, it breaks my heart.  We'll get a second dog some day, but not for at least another year, so hopefully Liliana can bring some light in to Linda's day.
Linda Mujer the day we brought her home!  (She's about 3 years old now)
Wasn't she adorable?  She was only 3.4 lbs.  Our great friend Mike is the guy with the Mohawk in the picture...sigh...yeah...Mohawk.  I'm glad to report he no longer has that ridiculous haircut.

E: Essential "Start the Day" Item: Umm...well I take a shower every morning.  Does that count?  I also enjoy a glass of orange juice.
F: Favorite Color: I suppose Purple, but not enough to incorporate that in to our home or anything.  But yeah, purple because I like lots of shades of it: lilac, royal purple, bright purple, you get the idea.

G: Gold or Silver: You know, I still prefer silver, but after I got my gorgeous Aggie ring, I really started liking Gold more and wear that occasionally too.

H: Height: I'm 5'6".  I wish I was about an inch taller, but I like being at least as tall as I am...I never have to hem my pants.

I: Instruments you Play: Piano.  I've played for 21 years and minored in Music at Texas A&M which required 3 more semesters of classes.  During those 3 semesters, I was really challenged and my playing became by far the best it's ever been.  I miss those times.  I rarely play enough any fact, I'm gonna go play some today. I want Liliana to hear.

J: Job: For now, being a law student, but that will be done in 10 days!  After that, who knows?  I hope I'll get a job really soon!

K: Kids: Expecting!  Liliana will be here in a little over a month! : )  I can't wait to see what she'll look like.  I'm so curious.

L: Living Arrangements: Evan and I live together in a home here in Lubbock and we love our home.  My parents are the nicest mortgage company ever and we pay a very fair rent every month.  While Evan and I stayed over at each other's respective places before we were married, I am SO glad we never officially lived together.  For instance, I never kept things over at his place.  I know some people do it to save on money, or to "try" things out, but I recommend not living together before marriage.  It'll give you something to look forward to when you finally do get married!

N: Nickname: The main ones that family members use for me is Cristy.  I only let one person (my godbrother) call me Cris.

M: Mom's Name: Rosa Enid Ramirez de Blanes.  Liliana's middle name is after my Mommy!  By the way, to pronounce her name, it's not pronounced EEnid.  My mom doesn't like her middle name, but when it's said properly and not with an English accent, I LOVE it.  Also, it's de Blanes because in Puerto Rico you usually keep your own last name OR you do "de maiden name."  

O: Overnight Hospital Stay: Never!! That'll change in June!

P: Pet Peeve: Hypocrits, Snobs, bad drivers, people that are rude to other cultures, and mainly...mean people.  People that don't think with their hearts and are intentionally deceitful. 

Q: Quote From a Movie: Geez, I dunno.  I quote movies and television shows pretty often, but I just watched Good Will Hunting on TV the other day, so I'm thinking "Well I got her number, so how 'bout them apples?"  I ADORE that movie.  So well written.  Every time I watch it, I enjoy it more and more.

R: Righty or Lefty: Psh, I'm way too cool to be right handed.

S: Siblings: I have one older brother here on earth (Danny, age 32 (well, he'll be 33 in less than 3 weeks)), and one brother in heaven (Carlos).

T: Time you Wake Up:  Normally during the week, I wake up at 4:30 to pee and at 7 a.m. for the day.  I'm so lucky!  My poor husband gets up really early most days because apparently people need their doctors (and therefore, third year medical students) in the hospital at outrageous times!

U: Underwear: Yes?  How am I supposed to answer that?  Well...let's see...I buy my underwear from Victoria's Secret.  I buy cotton to help with my UTI problems.  I always have a coupon.  Is that a good enough answer?

V: Veggies you Dislike:  HAA!!  Pretty much everything.  I don't care for Veggies very much, I know, I'm bad.

W: Ways/ Reasons you are Late: We're always 5-10 minutes late when we're doing things with friends, but I'm ALWAYS on time for classes and work.  We're late though because we always say "we'll leave at 2" which really means we'll start getting ready to leave at 2, so by the time I get my purse and shoes, and go pee, we're 5 - 10 minutes late.  Ooops!

X: X-Rays you've Had:  The only bone I've ever broken was my pinky.  But, I've also had x-rays done of my sinuses quite a few times because when I was little I got sinusitis all the time!  Poor me! (note: it wasn't difficult getting the xrays done since my Momma is a radiologist)

Y: Yummy Food you Make:  I made these brownies with a layer of peanut butter and chocolate on top a few days ago...those are delicious!  Here's the recipe.

Z: Zoo Animals you Like:'s been over 5 years since I went to the zoo last.  I always liked the "cold" animals: penguins, polar bears.  I also liked the elephants.  I wanna go to the zoo...

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