Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Giveaway Winner Chicken Dinner! And, my day sucked, bad.

today I had a really freakin horrbile day. I'll talk about that in a second, bu in the mean time, I am so excited to announce that the winner of a soon to be custom portrait from SweetPea is ...

Well crud .. I can't get it to SHOW the number it generated, but it WAS #7 and that lucky winner WAS ...

GINA LUV who said: " i love shannon's work! I love love love everything she does. I would love to get a photo done for my mom or even one for me! or a gift for somebody! There are just so many people I would love to give a cartoon like this too! :)gina"

 I'm so excited for you Gina and I hope winning this made you smile!

As for my day ... let me start by saying that it is quite cold here.  I know it's cold everywhere, but NEGATIVE 15 is getting old.  I woke up in a rather cheerful mood though and decided that since we were delayed 2 hours, I would do a couple loads of laundry before leaving work.  I was enjoying a bowl of cereal and playing with Liliana when all of the sudden I heard HUGE amounts of water landing on my floor.  Our washing machine just RANDOMLY went crazy and our laundry room had water ALL OVER it.  Evan wasn't home because he was having an ultrasound done due to very high blood pressure.  So not only was I incredibly worried about Evan, but then this happened too?

I tried to mop it up, best I could, by getting the Shop Vac.  At the EXACT same time that this happened, I realized Liliana had taken a major poop and had to change that while water continued to fall on the floor.

Turns out one of the pipes was pretty clogged with hair and lint.  Evan came home for a little while and we attempted to work on it.  After a million mishaps, it was already 1 o'clock and going to work would have been fruitless since I had a hair appointment in very little time after that.

At least I'd have a haircut to fix things right?


She cut it SHORT.  I said to my SHOULDERS.  It's to my CHIN.  I was trying to cut it shorter because I've heard I look older with it shorter and my kiddos keep telling me how young I look.  That's a good thing, but not when I'm trying to be an authoritative figure.

I hate it. 

I don't usually complain about my haircuts, but this one looks so yucky and so ... well ... it's a MOM haircut!  I'm not ready for those yet guys!

So, I'm going to bed now and hopefully, by tomorrow morning, my hair will have grown a couple inches, our washing machine will NEVER do that EVER AGAIN, and most importantly, Evan's health issues will go away!


  1. you poor thing! Those days have to be rough and I am certain your worries for your husband outweigh everything. the good thing is that he is being cared for and it is being looked at. It is the not knowing that is the toughest. Having the washing machine do that you just want to kick it or something but hopefully it is fixed now-well the lint and stuff. I wonder if you went back to the hair place and told them how upset you are if they would give you a break in some financial way?? Why do hairstylists often think that once one hits a certain age then you have to have that certain haircut? I don't get it. I hope your hair grows fast-mine was always slow but the good thing is it will grow:) I hope your day and the rest of the week goes better.

  2. Oh no...sounds like a totally sucky day! I hope everything is ok with hubby.

    As for your hair - it's only hair....and it WILL grow back. Chalk it up to experience and don't go back to that stylist. Heaven knows I've had a few experiences like that, too. ICK.

  3. Oh no! That is a rough day for sure. I bet your hair looks great. We are our own worst critics. Will you post a picture of it? I bet it really suits you well.

  4. Aww sorry you had such a rough day! I'm sure your hair looks great - but it will grow back! and I'm totally over this cold weather, too... Texas is supposed to be hot!

  5. When my day sucks I post it at just thought Id let you know about it in case you didnt know.