Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monday Minute 02/21/2011

Hi again! Can you believe it's Monday already?  This last week FLEW by for me.  LOTS happened in our lives, but I'll update you with that in later blog posts this week.

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NOW on to our Monday Minute! If you're a newbie, rules are that you answer the questions below, grab the button for your post, and link up at the bottom of this post.  Some more information: if you ever want to host a Monday Minute one week, PLEASE email me and let me know.  I gotta admit, I wouldn't mind a break pretty soon.  Also, if you have any question suggestions (I had someone send me quite a few this week so THANK YOU), email me with those too!

FOUR of these come from readers so THANKS GUYS! 

(1) Do you think Lady Gaga is Gaga or just plain KaKa?
(2) If you had to write these questions every week, what questions would YOU write the participants?
(3) What animal/ insect has always scared the heck out of you?
(4) Do you wash your hands after you use the restroom every time?  Be honest!
(5) Do you buy brand named purses or replicas?


(1) Honestly, I think she's pretty damn fabulous.  I know she's kinda crazy, but some of her songs freaking rock.  I have her CD and I'm so thankful for the fact that she didn't just put ONE decent song and a bunch of crap songs.  There are at LEAST 5 songs that I think are 5 star quality.

(2) This isn't the best question for me to answer because I DO ask you guys anything that ever comes to mind!  However, I do want people to know that whatever you guys answer to this question will be used eventually!  Hmm....I wonder if this is the question I wrote this week?  ; )

(3) SCORPIONS. They freak the crap out of me.  I got stung by a scorpion when I was in 6th grade.  It hurt like hell.  I screamed so loud that my parents couldn't find out WHERE I WAS in the house.  I still, to this day, have a purple mark on the bottom of my foot.

Holy crap, this picture is terrifying.  While I type this, I am purposefully not looking up. 
I get all clammy just thinking about this picture.  Ugh.

(4) I am SO ashamed to admit this because I realize it's disgusting, but while I'm at home, I dont' always wash after I pee.  After a #2, it's an EVERY TIME thing.  Whenever I'm somewhere public though, I always wash my hands, no matter why I'm in the restroom. 
(5) I don't have very many brand name purses, but the ones that I do have? I didn't buy them.  They were all gifts from others.  I  have never bought a name brand purse nor do I really have replicas.  I will buy myself some nice purses some day, but right now, I don't make enough money to warrant that and we have a bunch of student loans.  I think it's STUPID when people buy expensive things that they truly can't afford.  It just look shallow, but that's my opinion. 

There ya go!  LINK UP NOW! 


  1. 1. I like a few songs but not a lot. Not one of my favourite artists. I do like her better than Ke$ha though.
    2. Hmmm.. my question would be, if you had to choose between a book and tv. Which would it be? It would be nice to know if people still really like to read.
    3. Spiders. I always hated them. But when someone told me you swallow on average 3 a year in your sleep. That made it worse. I woke up one morning with a spider bite on my shoulder. Ya... spiders.
    ps. that picture freaked me out!
    4.Thank god I am not the only person who is like that. I do feel ashamed that I don't at home sometimes. When I'm out I always do.
    5. I just buy a cheap purse. I don't care about those expensive purses at all. I worked at a shoe/purse place once and I had a woman spend 400$ on two leather purses which were going to be her diaper bags. 400$ would have gotten her a half decent stroller.

  2. Totally with you on #5. Can't justify spending $400 on a purse that does nothing more than a $40 purse. DUMB.

    Will have to disagree with you on GaGa, though. She's nuttier than a fruitcake. (Her music ain't bad, though.)

    I've got some questions for you up on my blog. Heehee. I think you might like them.

  3. OK yuck a scorpion? That picture is icky and I don't blame you one bit for freakign over that. Thanks for using a couple of questions of mine:)Oh and that lady using a purse for a diaper bag...did she inhale too much crap I wonder??:) Have a great day