Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sign up HERE for the AWESOMEST giveaway EVER! (ends tomorrow)

Guys I have to admit that I had another Baby Review post planned for today, but turns out it was beyond freezing here (as is apparently the case in 33 states) and instead of relaxing on our day off, we have been ... you guessed it ... working on the house.  It's all I do anymore!  Seriously, I haven't read a page of my book, I haven't sat down and watched a TV show with Evan, I haven't had any fun! BOO! haha. 

Long story short, no blog post about my recommendations with baby clothing.

I DID however, want to remind you guys to enter the giveaway that I'm hosting ending TOMORROW at 5 pm!  You still have a chance to win!

It's for a $25 credit to Growingsweetpea's Etsy shop.  Considering that her items cost $15 to $35 each, you could get a drawing for absolutely FREE!

Here are a couple of her drawings, just to remind you.  Remember that she makes them CUSTOM based on your photographs.

To enter:

(1) Leave a comment saying what you would want her to draw for you (1 entry)
(2) Follow my blog or let me know if you already do (2 entries)
(3) Blog about this giveaway! (4 entries)

Stay warm and go do something relaxing like reading a book by the fire.  I would love to live vicariously through all of you...now back to sorting through the kitchen.


  1. I want in!!! I would want her to draw a picture of Nic and I, possibly in our wedding garb.

    Also, I've been following you since I made my own blog. :)

  2. I already entered!

    I know the comment about working on the house. We are finally moved over and only have a few more boxes to unpack.