Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Video of my Chica Mica.

I have a habit of always rhyming things in the dorkiest way imaginable.  For instance, if Evan ever says "see you later"  I HAVE to add "in a while crocodile."

Wait, it gets worse.

If he says cool, I automatically add an "io" which means I say "coolio."  Yeah, I know.

Then, the rhyming nerd in me takes over and I say "coolio boolio."

Now I have my poor husband saying it.  If I say, "I'm leaving work early!" he'll respond "coolio boolio!"  It's now a family thing.

So naturally, I had to start this trend with Liliana.  I always call her chica.  And this has of course developed into "chica mica."  Everyday when I first see her in the morning I say "HEY CHICA MICA!"

Liliana has already made more advances in the last two weeks than she had in the previous month!  On her 8 month birthday she started waving in response to a wave and now if you just say "hi" to her (even without the aid of my waving), she'll wave back (as evidenced in the video).

Also, as I blogged about earlier, she started crawling in the last couple weeks!  For the last week or so she could only do a couple steps and would fall before regaining momentum, but if you put food in front of my child, she will FIND A WAY to get there.  This motivation has made her crawl like a mad woman now.  She can crawl across the entire living room for 3 pieces of cereal.  Poor child, she got her Daddy's appetite.

Therefore, for you viewing pleasure, enjoy seeing my chica mica wave and crawl!


  1. I think the rhyming is the teacher in us!!

    I do it too!!

    My family one is "okie dokie artichokie". :) Also, when we're ready to leave, "Ready spaghetti?"

    ADORABLE on the waving!

  2. Aww Cristy she is just adorable, I love that waving.

  3. OK She is truly cute and what big eyes! She is focused on what she wants which is a great thing

  4. My husband and I were talking the other day about how lame we are. Like your rhyming thing, we say and do the silliest things when we are alone together, things that we wouldn't dare admit to anyone else! But that's what closeness is all about, isn't it?