Sunday, February 6, 2011

Monday Minute 02/07/11

Here we are once again, with a dose of some Monday Minute for you guys.  As I forewarned you guys last week...I'm kinda running out of questions.  I wasn't on my normal computer when I thought these up either, so these were completely spontaneous ones.  Hope you like the craziness! ; )

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(1) Do you use shaving cream when you shave? (thanks to Sierra for this one!)
(2) Name 2 things you consider yourself to be very bad at.
(3) What's your favorite song?
(4) If somebody asked you to sum yourself up in three words, what would they be?
(5) Out of the following three, which do you hate most: pineapples, cantaloupe, or strawberries?


(1) I don't!  Sure I've bought it before, but never end up using it.  Instead, I use conditioner!  It makes my legs burn less after shaving.  I only use really thick conditioners on my legs though.  I know it sounds weird, but give it a try with your best quality conditioner and you might not use shaving cream either.

(2) I've got one funny one (so true though) and one that haunts me all the time.  (1) I'm a horrible ballerina.  It's true.  When I was a kid, I tried ballet but I was just not graceful in the slightest.  My family would sit in the back so I wouldn't notice them all laughing at me.  Isn't that just horrbile guys?  Mean family. (2) I'm horrible at not holding a grudge.  If somebody does me wrong, I always hold a grudge.  If I'm ever mad at Evan, I'm horrbile at just letting it go.  I know this is something I need to work on, but I think it's ingrained in me or something.  I have noticed, however, that as I get older I hold a grudge less.  I guess having more things on my plate affords me less time to be needlessly pissed.

(3) Alison Krauss: "When you Say Nothing at All."  The first time I ever heard this song, my brother sent me to go buy him a tape (yeah, we weren't even using CDs in this time period).  I kept forgetting the title of it and he said "Cristina, it's what you SHOULD do more often, not say anything at all."  Again, mean family right? Anyway, ended up loving the song.  I don't think he listens to it all that often, but I always love hearing it.

Play below to hear something really nice.

(4) Well, I think if I asked others ... they would probably say: opinionated, hard working, and funny.  I am a pretty opinionated person.  I think most lawyers are.  I work hard.  I really do.  Also, I'm a pretty funny girl.  I have a pretty dark and crazy sense of humor, but my brother does too and I was with him alot growing up so I probably got it from him.  It's probably one of my favorite features about myself.

(5) UUUGH...I hate that I wrote this question because I ADORE all these fruits.  If I had to say one of them that I like LEAST, I GUESS I'd say strawberries.  Pineapples are just amazing.  And a good cantaloupe is my favorite fruit of all time.  I ADORE strawberries, but the other two reign supreme in my books.  Sorry strawberries.

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  1. Ha ha! I use conditioner instead of shaving cream, too!

  2. Good questions this week, especially since you came up with them spontaneously.
    Also - I was in ballet as a kid too. I think I was okay at it, but I was so shy that at recitals I stood in the back. It was pretty counterproductive, since it ended up drawing more attention to me. The pictures of it are pretty funny though, seeing how far away I am from everyone else.

  3. Good questions this week!
    1.I use shaving cream but only the men's kind. Same with razors. Why they make better men's shaving products is beyond me.

    2.Whistling. I am seriously horrible at it. Although since I started wearing braces, it has improved but not by much.
    The second thing would be cleaning. I hate doing it and I suck at it. I will start cleaning and half way through, get bored and not return to it.

    3. Favourite song is a tough one. I would say either most versions of Hallelujah or Invincible by Muse. Hallelujah puts me in a weird mood and I love it just the same. Invincible makes me believe I can do anything. I was told to listen to it by my best friend. He always believed I was capable of anything and thought I needed to hear that song.

    4.Hmm.. Sweet,stubborn and a goof. I will stick to my guns even if I want to give up simply because I don't want to lose lol.

    5. This one was easy. Pineapples are my favourite fruit(although they make my tongue bleed) and I hate all melons. I can't even stand the smell.