Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You Don't Find This Everyday

I'm not writing this post to brag or to have other women get angry at their husbands.  I am writing this post because this is MY blog and I have the the complete right to write what I want ... I just had the most amazing last couple of days with my husband.  You know how sometimes you  have a picture perfect moment with someone?  That pretty much sums up my last two days.

All week, Evan had been giving me "clues" as to the theme of Valentine's.  Earlier this week, I got a candy heart.  Two days later, I got chocolates.  And on Sunday I got a Hershey's kiss.  I could have sworn the theme was candy. 

On Sunday we got all dressed up and had a babysitter come over.  When I got to the car, a single red rose was waiting on my seat. Evan had set up his phone to play our song (The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel) and we drove away with a rose in my hand and our song playing in the background.  I told you guys ... picture perfect.

Evan refused to tell me where we were going all week.  He took me to my favorite restaurant in town and we had an AMAZING dinner.  I had a Strawberry Kiss Tini (guys, by the way, that was delicious).  We spent 2 hours there talking about life, about the big year ahead of us, about how things have changed since last Valentines, and just basically had a great time.  We kissed constantly (probably annoyed people next to us).  On our way home, Evan informed me our evening wasn't over.

He drove to a secluded place in one of our favorite neighborhoods and we opened the sun roof.  We kissed like little high schoolers and found about 4 constellations.  We poked our heads through the sun roof and just enjoyed the weather (since it's finally warming up). 

When we got home, Evan finally told me our Valentine's theme: sweet.  Duh Cristina ... candy... really?  what was I thinking?  He gave me one of my Valentine's gifts: a CUTE pajama set.  I had been telling him lately that I needed more Mommy appropriate PJ's because soon Liliana will realize that just wearing a t-shirt around is a little weird.  He got me the CUTEST shirt and pant set from Old Navy.  It was a PERFECT date night.

My husband's pretty damn great though, and he wasn't done with Valentine's.  On Valentine's morning, I came out of the room ready to go to work and found a dozen roses waiting for me and a bouquet of flowers waiting for Liliana!  Last year, when Liliana was just in my belly, Evan wrote her a Valentine's card proclaiming his love already, but this year since she's already a big girl, he knew he needed to step it up!  She accepted to be his Valentine because the flowers impressed her enough I suppose
, haha.

Once we got home from work, Evan had bought all the ingredients for us to cook Spaghetti Carbonara together. He bought wine and had the album from Shall we Dance (our movie) playing in the background.  After dinner, we had Liliana play time (you're still a parent on Valentine's right?).  After Lili went to sleep though, Evan kicked me out of the bedroom for a while and he lit a thousand candles and made a bubble bath.  After the bubble bath, I got ANOTHER themed sweet gift: this cute little PJ dress.  Isn't it SO cute? (Old Navy again in case you guys want it)

Then I got a nice LOOOONG massage and he had fondue ready with strawberries and bananas while we watched an hour of Shall We Dance before bedtime.  All in all, a PERFECT couple days.

Seriously, this post just OOZED romance didn't it?  Sorry if it disgusts you guys, but I frankly, don't care!! Hope everyone had a GREAT Valentine's Day! : )

(I obviously left out some even BETTER moments, but you guys don't need to hear all about that! haha)


  1. That does sound like an amazing couple of days, and with all the stress you guys have dealt with lately (jobs, moving, med school, packing, etc) you definitely deserve it!

  2. Sounds awesome. What a perfect way to spend a few days together.

  3. Have you had issues before with people telling you not to post something on your blog?

    Also - LOVE that he bought flowers for Liliana. That's too adorable.

  4. What a thoughtful husband! All around!

  5. Momma got a GREAT night!!! Romantic men...gotta love 'em! And like me, I know you do ; )