Friday, April 8, 2011

Father's Day/ Mother's Day Ideas

Over on Kelly's Korner "Show us your life" she is doing Father's Day and Mother's Day ideas.  While we have only been parents for less than a year, I thought I could add a little inspiration hopefully!

Last year, when Father's Day came around, Evan had only been a Daddy for approximately a month.  HOWEVER, he had taken about 45,000 pictures on his cell phone and was showing EVERYBODY pictures of Liliana.  I wish I was kidding, but seriously, he would pass people in a grocery store and start showing pictures.  As if anybody cared!  Anyway, I wanted to do something in this realm and so I bought him a little digital picture keychain and put about 40 of our favorite pictures of Liliana.  It was incredibly inexpensive ($8) and was SO cute.  He said that when he would get bored or when he really missed us while walking through the hospital, he would whip it out and start scrolling through all the shots.

 It looks a little something like this.  I got it off of Amazon.

As for Mother's Day, I wasn't actually a Mommy just yet.  HOWEVER, my husband is of course the sweetest guy ever and bought me a gift anyway.  I'm a BIG fan of Willow Tree and we have the husband and wife statue in our living room.  Therefore, to make our collection more complete, he bought me the family Willow Tree and put it on the shelf right next to the "us" one.  How sweet to see that progression!

 This is called "Our Gift" from Willow Tree. It's gorgeous!

Now, I'd love to tell you what I'm getting for Mother's Day THIS year, but unfortunately Evan won't even give me a hint!  I know he has the gift because he's been taunting me with it.  He's VERY excited about it.

I did come up with a couple of ideas for people though ...

For Daddy:

For Christmas, I bought Evan a necklace like this that says Liliana's name and date of birth.  When he's in surgery, he puts his wedding ring on the necklace.  That way, he has Liliana and I close to his heart all day!
(bought it off Etsy for $20 btw)

For a New Mommy:

I saw this at Target the other day and LOVED it.  I love the Chicken Soup series and I think that one of these stories per day should be required for all Mommy's to realize that they're not alone in this crazy new process.


  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great ideas! I found your blog through Kelly's Korner! SO CUTE! =)