Thursday, April 14, 2011

When You're Broke

You window shop.

I once saw a Gilmore Girls episode (fabulous show in case you guys haven't seen it) where Lorelie and Rory are broke so they decide to window shop.  They notice a couple of cute items in the Forever 21 window and think "there's no harm in window shopping right?"  So they enter the store and quickly exit with pain on their face saying "horrible idea, that just made the urge to shop even worse!"

Have you guys ever done what I just finished doing?  I went on the Forever 21 website and put about 15 things in my cart.  It totaled about $300 (and if you do the  math by the way, I was buying cheap things right?).  I did this entire thing knowing full well that (a) I don't have the TIME to be window shopping, (2) I don't have the MONEY to be window shopping, and (c) I don't have the heart to be window shopping!

I quickly exited out of the website and unlike Lorelie and Rory, it actually DID help me!  I got a little shopping bug out of my system, realized that really and truly I don't need anything, and thought to myself, well at least now I know that if for some reason our house would sell tomorrow, I could go to the mall and celebrate.

Want to see some of my imaginary purchases?

Cute little shirt for the weekend ... maybe going to the park.

Another casual shirt for the weekend.

Oooo ... loving this one!  I'd wear this to a picnic!

 How about some dresses?  Shall we?

I like dresses, a lot.  I could wear dresses every single day.  And this one?  I'd wear it on a date.

This one's so "easter-y" looking.  I think I'd wear this to a luncheon.

This one's a little fancier ... maybe for a nice dinner.

Maybe next time I get my shopping bug I'll go to Old Navy! After all, when you internet window shop, the world is your oyster!


  1. I love your easter-y dress! And a lot of the tops!
    I hate window shopping. It hurts me and makes me want to shop even more. I'm like the Gilmore Girls. And yes, I love that show.

  2. It's sad that I not only know what episode you are talking about but I know what season and the name. Totally love that episode.
    I love that eastery one.

  3. I just love your faux purchases! haha! I have so done that before though! lol!

  4. I can't remember the last time I bought any clothes that weren't maternity. I'm finally fitting into some of my smaller pre pregnancy clothes... that's kind of like shopping right?

  5. That is the second reference to Gilmore Girls I've seen in a blog today. I MISS that show! I am also not allowed to walk into Forever 21. How did I not know there was a WEBSITE??? oh no...

  6. I love love me some Gilmore Girls - well, of COURSE I do, I even freaking named my blog after a line from the show!! :) I have to walk by a giant F21 to get to work everyday. So mean when I am oh so broke, ha!

  7. Ana Grace - how come all the girls here look like you! :)