Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In Another Life

In another life, I'd own a bakery store.  The name of it: "One of those days."  Because after all, that's what desserts are for ... when you've just had one of those days and a slice of cake, or a scrumptious cupcake would make all those woes seem a little bit better.

I honestly love baking.

The hours to open this kind of shop would suck because you have to get up so darn early, but I just think it's something I would love doing.  I love discovering new recipes, and most of all, I love the look that people give me when they eat a dessert I've made.

I have it all planned out:  I wouldn't just open it from 10 - 6 like so many bakeries around.  It would be more of a 11:30 - 9 pm shop.  I think there's a big void for a dessert shop that's open later in the day.  Have you guys ever been sitting at home and say "I want dessert!"  That happens to me ALL the time but I'm limited to ice cream at the grocery store OR I have to start making a cake at 8 pm knowing full well that by the time it's done, I'll be ready to go to sleep! 

And if there was a shop with things such as ...

this available at 9:00 pm, wouldn't you desperately want a slice?

I'd make cakes such as:

 this chocolate indulgence cake ...

my delicious carrot cake that Evan drools over ...

OR my favorite cake that I've ever made ... Banana Sour Cream.

I wouldn't be limited to just cakes though. I have quite a fascination with cupcakes as well.  In fact, so much of a fascination that cupcakes is the theme of Liliana's first birthday party!  I'd DEFINITELY include these on the menu:

these Chocolate Chip Cookie dough cupcakes are TO DIE FOR.

Maybe one day I'll open "One of Those Days." 

In the mean time, I'll just keep prepping and experimenting in my own kitchen!


  1. Yum! I'd volunteer myself as a taste tester :)

  2. Holy crap. Those cupcakes look spectacular!

  3. Hm... maybe you could share some of those yummy recipes on your blog... I think I smelled those cupcakes just by looking at the picture! :) yum!

  4. Oh, please share the recipe for those cupcakes. I love cupcakes.

  5. I think it's a wonderful idea! Those cakes are beautiful and I'm sure that they taste just as good as they look.
    I would love to start a bakery of my own one day...

  6. I love baking too!! Happy SITS day!!

  7. Happy SITS Day! Love your cakes! Banana cake yum!

  8. Ok, I am literally drooling over this post! Visiting from SITS, congrats on your feature day!

  9. stopping by from SITS, happy happy SITS DAY!
    and when you do open that bakery... please come and open up a branch in cape town as well!!!

  10. All of those cakes look delicious!! Stopping by from SITS!

  11. Okay, I was with you until the pictures... the pictures... those are just mean ;)

    For me, it would be a downtown cafe and bookshop... light lunch, coffee, breakfast, and yes, baked goods, but more like a coffee shop and reading atmosphere...

    Happy SITS Day!

  12. That first cake looks delicious. And you are so right about the time of a bake shop. That is when I want to eat cake - right before bed.

    Happy SITS day.


  13. Happy SITS Day!

    And how about a recipe for those chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes?!

  14. Happy SITS Day to you!

    Please come bake for me. I love to eat, I just hate to do any kind of cooking.

  15. Oh what a yummy post. Happy SITS day! hugs

  16. GOod morning and happy SITS day! Owning a bakery would be so much fun - so would a coffee shop :) I would love to do either one, even though I can't bake or brew coffee hardly at all! LOL! (I love the Keurig.)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  17. @Stephanie Ooo I've always wanted to own a coffee shop :D Isn't it such a fun idea?

    Anyway, grats on your SITS day :D You have an awesome blog here! And your baby is ADORABLE!!

  18. YUM!!!!!! What I wouldn't give for one of those chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes right about now. Now I'm drooling on my keyboard :p And I couldn't agree more: there is a serious shortage of bakeries that are open late and that's when I have my cravings for sweets!

    Hey, girl! Been a LONG time since I stopped in but I'm so glad it's your SITS day so I could come on over and say hello again. How have you been?!

    Enjoy your day in the spotlight! XOXO

  19. I say go for it. By the time I want a fabulous dessert all the bakeries are closed. I would definitely go for a "later in the day" dessert shop.

    Enjoy your SITS day.

  20. I could find a reason to make every day "one of those days" if I got to eat all of that stuff.

  21. Do it!
    Those cakes look so fabulous and professional.
    If the bakery is your dream, why not start trying to make it happen?
    The only thing worse than not trying is looking back ten years from now and thinking "If only I'd tried my bakery idea ten years ago..."
    DO IT!!!!
    You have a blog and a SITS day - I bet two years ago you didn't think you'd have either of those!

  22. Do u
    Hv d recepi for chocolate indulgence?