Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Had a Bad Day (Part I): Thank God for Cupcakes.

As you guys know, Liliana started running a fever yesterday.  I hate seeing her sick and I hate not knowing what's wrong with her.

My day home with her started off fine: some grocery shopping, some meal planning, and during her nap I made these ...

The pictures don't do these justice.
They're the Martha Stewart Strawberry cupcakes.
They took two hours. They were worth it.  So very worth it.

After she woke up though, things started turning sour.  She was still burning hot.  I held her, fed her, and tried my best to console her.  Seeing her in pain broke my heart.  She started crying and the phone rang.  It was the title company in Little Rock.

Apparently I had been misinformed about the entire closing process and somehow WHILE at work, I am supposed to go to a bank, get a cashier's check, and go to my neighborhood notary to have the paper work signed.

She called me at 3:49.  The bank closes at 4.  I decided I would try to make it.  I quickly put Liliana in the car and pull in the parking lot at 3:59.  I had made it!

I got out of the car, was getting this gorgeous little lady out of the car, and look at the front door of the bank.

The manager sees us and CLOSES the door.  While I have a sick, feverish baby in my hands and while I am trying to take advantage of having a "day off" (aka my baby was sick, I don't get days off).

I immediately put Liliana in the car and go through the drive thru.  I ask if I can get my cashier's check there and they of course say no.

I tell her someone just shut the door in my face, at exactly 4, while I had an 11 month old baby in my hands.

The manager gets on the microphone and dares to tell me he hadn't seen my car (I was parked RIGHT in front of the door).  I quickly tell him we might be taking our business elsewhere and that I'd let others know about their amazing (sarcastic obviously) customer service.

Yep, I snapped at the drive thru lady and manager. 

Later I realized I probably over reacted.  But seriously, DO NOT close the door on a lady with a baby when they are RIGHT there.  I was less than 15 steps from being inside and it was EXACTLY 4 o'clock.

I went and had a great workout.  This took out some of my anger.  But what ultimately saved my afternoon?

All I have to say it Thank God for Cupcakes.

Part II?  Things turn sour for Liliana...stay tuned.


  1. In this day and age, I truly think that any sort of customer service based industry (bank, store, restaurant, insurance provider, etc) should make customer service a priority!! I makes me so angry when they don't!!

    YAY for cupcakes!

    Two great giveaways on my blog right now:)

  2. Um, I think baby or not, lady or not, no one should close the door or anyone. Even if you're an ugly homeless man. But that's business for ya. They don't want to pay people over time for something they don't have to. :( Stupid economy.

  3. I am glad you blew up at the lady! You had a very stressful day and it sounds like your little girl is sick. Now if she is running a fever please heed this because IT WORKS! My great grandmother would do this and she cured her grandchildren of scralet fever and diptheria and my mom from pneumonia was she was only 6 months old. Take a towel and wet it under warm water, ring it and bring a dry towel with you. If you can (since Liliana is 10 months old, wrap the wetn towel around the calves of her legs and then the dry towel so the bed doesn't get wet. Hopefully she will be calm. Keep changing this every 20 minutes or so because it sucks the fever out! It sounds weird but my hubby was burning up this past Monday. He did not believe me and I told him to shut up and listen to me. I did exactly that and in a few hours and after some sweating, he had no fever. My mom would do this with me when I was little and I would often run a fever of 104. Give it a shot! Also weird. If she is coughing, boils some potatoes, break them up on a towel and place them on her chest. I don;t know what the heck is in potatoes but it helps the chest. I tell ya if my great grandmother was alive in the middle ages she would have been burned as a witch. Anyway I hope the house stuff settled and enjoy the cupcakes

  4. Oh gosh. What a day, I'm so glad that you had a cupcake to cap it off with.