Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Mom Thought Somone Had Died.

This week on Show us Your Life is "How did you tell your family and friends you were pregnant?"

Well, as many of you know, our sweet Liliana wasn't what we would call a planned pregnancy.  I have, since forever, had problems with my cycle and even went 100 days without having a period.  In fact, the only reason I had one is because I went to the doctor and he gave me medicine to MAKE me have it.  While there, he told me that getting pregnant with this kind of cycle would be very difficult.  He said "WHEN you guys decide it's baby time, come back to me and we'll probably put you on Clomid."

That month, I really didn't have time to be upset about this news...I was in the middle of law school midterms and was working like a madwoman at the firm hoping they would hire me on as an associate.  I told Evan we'd worry about it when we wanted a kid and for now, let's just save on the money and not use the birth control.  As an extra protection, we would use protection from days 10 - 17 of my cycle just in case this time was crazy.

WELL, at day 23 (as I learned later), we conceived LILIANA! haha.

SOO ... how did we tell our family?

I didn't really have time to do something creative because we were in so much shock ... I had never thought about HOW I would tell family or anything like that.  PLUS, I didn't have TIME to do something cute.

We called my brother almost immediately after finding out and my sister-in-law and him were pretty shocked.  After they realized I would at least graduate from law school before Liliana was born, they seemed more relaxed.  Then Danny said "are you going to call Mom and Dad?"

Here's the problem.

When we found out ...

My parents were in EGYPT.

YES.  They were on a freaking cruise on the Nile River.  I thought about just telling them when they got back in 10 days but my brother insisted that I had to tell them NOW.

SO, I called the emergency number that my parents had left.  The lady answering the phone ASKED me "Is this a family emergency?"

I quickly said NO.  Not at all.  This is just a bit of good news that they really need to hear.

A day goes by with no word from my parents so I figure they never got the message.

Then, one day in my Health Law class, my phone starts going off CONSTANTLY.  Everyone in my family says my Mom is crying because she heard there was a family emergency and death in the family.

WHAT IN THE WORLD was this lady for the cruise ship thinking???

I quickly left class and called my Mom ...

I told my parents, "NO ONE DIED ... IT'S JUST THAT ... WE'RE PREGNANT!!!!"

My Mom started laughing and quickly screamed to the entire cruise ship during their dinner time "MY DAUGHTER IS PREGNANT!"  (Yes, she did this RIGHT AFTER I asked them to keep it on the down low until I was 12 weeks ... so much for that right?)

AND THAT is how I told my parents.

HOW did we tell our friends?

We found out we were pregnant on October 4th and my birthday follows really quickly.  We went out to eat with a few of our best friends and told them to come over to the house for dessert afterwards.

I then put this on our beagle Linda and had her run around the house  and told them "Linda has something to tell you guys!"

There were a few tears shed and then we showed them a picture of ALL our pregnancy tests ...

It was a good day.

And 36 weeks later, it was a GREAT day.

PS  Do you guys like my new blog makeover!!! I had it done by Brea at Utterly Chatoic Designs.  It was FAST, and SUPER reasonable!  I think it's awesome ...


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