Monday, July 18, 2011

Two BAD Things That Happened To Me Today (Make That Three)

Today started off like any normal day.  I got dressed in my workout clothes and headed out to the gym.  Our gym has this great little daycare downstairs and Liliana LOVES when we head over there ... she starts clapping when I park.  To say that this baby is bored with only my company is an understatement.  I think she'll be thrilled to start daycare again soon once I start work in the fall.  Her boredom with me isn't the shitty thing that happened to me today though.

As I drove to the gym (which is approximately 2 miles from our home), my car started acting weird.  It couldn't accelerate more than 20 miles an hour.  And it was noisy.  And it was shaking.  And it was scary.

And right as I pulled in to the parking lot?  The transmission light let out a big DING for me.

Note: This is the first shitty thing that happened to me.

Then, after a great workout and having to call people throughout to hear about mechanics, I got back in the car to go home.  On the way home, my car could barely drive a second without causing problems.  I had to slow down, put it in first gear, and try to get home as safely as possible. All with my daughter in the car...yes, I was worried.  Yes, I tried contacting my husband and he helped as much as he possibly could from work.  The sweet life of being married to a resident let me tell ya ... and a surgery resident on top of that ... but that's for another post.

As I pulled in to my garage, my car made ANOTHER DING noise for me.

This time?  The engine light turned on!

Note: This is the SECOND shitty thing that happened to me today.

Fortunately, Evan's family is so kind and his uncle came to our house, took Liliana and I to the mechanic, and to top it all off?  They're going to let me borrow one of their cars so I don't have to pay for a rental.  Heaven sent for sure.

When we got home, I sat down to eat some lunch.  I realized I was really sore from my workout yesterday.  I don't want to toot my own horn or sound conceited.  I by NO MEANS have a super slender body or am really thin.  I love my food and I love the peanut butter chocolate chip pound cake that Evan and I finished in a matter of 2 days (in the spirit of honesty, he was gone for the majority of that ... I ate most of it).  HOWEVER, I am in shape.  I workout at least 5 times a week and my running skills aren't too shabby.  I did my personal best the other day and ran a 5K in 26:35 ... rather respectable.

Note: Part THREE of the shitty thing that happened to me is coming up ...  Here is the workout I did yesterday that got my butt, quads, inner thigh, triceps, AND chest sore:

Dear lord.  I did the Situation's (the idiota from Jersey Shore) Workout DVD because it streamed for free on our Wii and I needed a light workout day since I have really bad shin splints right now.  And, the situation got me sore.

That sentence sounded disgusting on many levels.  Not intended.  My bad. 

This lame-o DVD filled with about 100 sexual double entendres has my thighs and my butt hurting JUST as bad as Jillian Michaels.  Wow, apparently, yours truly isn't NEARLY as in shape as she thought.  Apparently doing 5 hours of exercise a week isn't cutting it.  THAT, or I need to do less cardio and more weights.  OK, that's definitely what happened, but either way, I'm a wimp.  That's the moral of the story.

And the fact that my car broke down AND the Situation from Jersey Shore taught me something all in one day?

Oy ... I should have just stayed in bed!


  1. Cristina! Girl! You had me scanning that post as fast as I could because I didn't know what the 3rd thing was and I was worried! Lol... So your "situation" gave me a good laugh... Unfortunately for you! I may need to try the DVD... Mamma needs some motivation to get skinny!!! :-) I'm sorry about the car but so thankful for Evans family! Praying for yall that it gets fixed cheaply! Love ya!

  2. I had no idea you could stream workout videos from Netflix. Thanks! I know what I am doing tonight.

  3. I love the new blog look! It looks great. I really need to step up the work outs and get back to the gym. I have no motivation. I should check out the streaming work outs of netflix!

  4. Best blog post I've read all day. Not that I am enjoying your car problems. I promise I am not, because my car is making all kinds of noise right now, too, but saying the situation made you sore cracked me up! That and the thought that you just thought it might be interesting to watch his video!