Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tour of the New Home: Kitchen/ Dining Room

We're back to the home tour!  So far you guys have seen the front room (study/ exercise room), Liliana's playroom, and today, it's all about the kitchen/ dining room.  In other words, an area of the house where I am ALL the time!  I have done a crap ton of cooking in our new home ... we've had quite a few get togethers and just last week had about 15 people over from Evan's family.  Our house is AWESOME for get togethers.  Love it!


Here is the kitchen beforehand.  It was already pretty to begin with, but of course we had to put a little bit of our own touch on it ...

The kitchen today:

 So as you can see, I added some artwork, put a few green pieces on the counters and I also left one end completely empty if you noticed.  I had an island in my old kitchen and that's by far the thing I miss most ... therefore, nothing is aloud on the right side countertop.

My favorite change in this kitchen?  My granite countertops!  They are SO awesome. 

Do you notice a cute little baby on the floor there?  She has a drawer in the kitchen and she LOVES playing in there.  I highly recommend giving your baby a drawer in your kitchen, it will make your life so much easier.
 Close up of the kitchen.

Liliana with her drawer ... look at those teeth!

Dining room:

 We bought this table at Walmart.  The table, bench, and four chairs TOTAL cost $250!!  It was SUCH a great price and really is pretty in person. 

 Another view.

In the very back, you can see Liliana's playroom, then the kitchen, and dining room!  This home is so open and I love it.  We painted all these walls ... it was a dark brown before and I think this lighter color really opens it up.  It made a huge difference.

Next: the livingroom!  
We made LOTS and LOTS of changes to this room and a ton of work went in to it ...


  1. I'm so glad you still had a place for your beautiful painted glasses! The kitchen looks beautiful! Ps.. Tell Liliana to stop growing up so fast! She's adorable but getting way too big, hehe! Love yall!

  2. Love the big kitchen and open dining room. And I especially like your little helper!

  3. I'm amazed at the find you can get at Wal-mart! That is a great table and it looks perfect in your kitchen!

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