Thursday, February 23, 2012

BIG appointment & BIG nursery decisions!

I have been NERVOUS and BEYOND nervous for today's appointment.  If you recall, 2 weeks ago our OB/GYN told us he was concerned I had placenta previa.  While I realize that we can make that work, I obviously would rather not have it.  I'd rather deliver vaginally, I'd rather not be on bed rest, I'd rather not get a pelvic rest order, etc. 

In order to get a better view, he made the big anatomy US appointment for 8 this morning.  Last night Evan told me he had a feeling everything was actually going to be 100% a-ok.  Evan's always thinking positively so I couldn't help but think "sure you think that, but the Dr. said it didn't look right!"

Turns out ...


My placenta looks WONDERFUL and is an entire 5 cm away from my cervix.  In other words, I don't have placenta previa.  I don't even have a low lying placenta.  I just have a pretty perfect placenta with a VERY perfect baby girl inside!

The anatomy ultrasound was AWESOME.  I don't remember seeing so much detail with Liliana's.  They even sent us home with a video of the entire ultrasound.  We saw Gloria's fingers, toes, 4 chamber heart, etc.  Everything looked absolutely great.

The doctor took us off pelvic rest (WOO HOO!) and that did make us very excited, but the truth of the matter is we were ultimately most worried for our sweet Gloria and hearing that all was ok and that she is definitely a girl (just like Mommy's heart truly desired) was awesome. 

I don't go back for another month and in the mean time, I just get to keep feeling great like I have been.  I keep exercising a few times a week, my appetite isn't necessarily super great yet (though I did find a new bakery right by the house and got a little overboard excited about that), and I'm just at that stage of pregnancy where life is great! 

Evan and I decided not to buy too many gender specific things for the nursery in case they changed their minds at this appointment.  But, we were busy doing other things:

We tried out a few paint colors.  Truth be told, we didn't decide on ANY of these three on the wall!  Each time we put the paint color up, we liked it, but weren't sold. 

The pink to the left is "Cupid's Arrow" by Behr.  The blue is "Enamel" by  Martha Stewart.  None of them truly spoke to us. 

Instead of just picking one of them, we kept being patient.  We are only 18 weeks in to this pregnancy and have lots of time so we weren't in a huge hurry. 

So rather than paint last weekend, we spent some time putting Gloria's dresser together!  It took a couple tries before we got it perfectly put together, but the modern look of this Mandal Ikea dresser looks AWESOME in the room.

Back to the paint though.  I knew we were close to the OFFICIAL color, but we weren't there yet.  I started putting together a little folder of rooms that we were going to use for inspiration and found these 3 as some of my favorites:

Do you notice a repeating theme?  I found the paint color for all 3 and they were EXACTLY the same!  We got a sample and lo and behold, it is PERFECT!!!  We will, hopefully, be painting the nursery this weekend!

My entire inspiration and the print I'm going to order today?

Gloria's nursery progress has officially begun!


  1. Well, There ya go:) I was certain too that all would be well. You seem to take very good care of yourself and everythign is so early that Dr's like to say too much at times and just freak their patients out. I am glad you and Gloris are doing well. I saw the paint colours on your wall and neither spoke to me either. I love blue but I didn;t care for that blue. I LOVE the inspiration look and that you found those colours! All the colours are there that one would wish for a baby too. Enjoy every moment and hug your little girl, your hubby and rub your tummy with pure happiness

  2. Glad everything went well! That's a great color: cheery, bright, and still kinda neutral. It will look great :)

  3. I also love that color! What color is it, if you don't mind me asking?