Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is it a Boy or a Girl?

It's time to play the gender guessing game!


I can't believe we're already at the stage of the pregnancy where we're asking this!  With Liliana, we would have been finding out tomorrow that she was a girl b/c my Mom snuck us in to the ultrasound room.  Unfortunately, since I'm states away now, we have to wait until February 9th (16 weeks) to find out.  I know that's still early, but I'm not very patient.

Tomorrow morning I will take my "15 week" update pictures and I want to have a paper in the background with everyone's tallies and what they've guessed.  As far as I can tell, so far I have 13 votes for boy and 12 votes for girl, but the day is young still!

Let me know what you think by either doing the poll on the left hand side, leaving a comment, or both!

Here's some information I want to keep for memories sake:

(1)  I think it's a girl.  Don't know why.  I have from the second I saw the two lines.

(2) Evan thinks it's a boy.  He says my pregnancy has been quite different from the first time around and that's why he guesses boy.

(3) The Chinese calendar says boy.

(4) The "Gender Predictor Quiz" I took on came out saying boy.

(5) The heart rate at the 11 week visit was 163 which indicates lady.

(6) Everybody keeps asking us "what do you want?"  Truth be told, I completely thought I would want a boy since I have a girl.  But that's actually not the case!  I would love another girl so that Liliana and her could be best friends.  Since they would be 2 years and 2 months apart and that's quite close, they would be best friends for life.  I think this would be such a special thing to see.  That being said, of course we would be delighted with a boy too!  We just don't have a name picked out for a boy so maybe I'm also saying girl b/c I'm being lazy and don't want to have to decide on a name! haha.

(6) This pregnancy HAS been different:

- With Liliana, I felt sick 24/7 but threw up only twice.  This pregnancy, I've thrown up about 10 times, but in general only feel sick at night time.  The mornings and the day, for the most part, aren't bad at all.  Also, for the last week, I have barely felt sick even in the evenings.  With Liliana, I felt horrible until 20 weeks along. 

- My boobs didn't really grow with Liliana.  This go around, I had to go buy new bras at 11 weeks b/c they simply didn't fit in to my other bras.  They also hurt like CRAZY for weeks on end.

- I started showing much sooner this go around.  I can still wear regular pants and only wear the bella band on certain days.  I am in maternity tops full time for the most part though.  With Liliana, the pants were the first thing to change.

(7) On the other hand, this pregnancy has had its similiarities:

- I don't glow.  I get zits on my face, particularly my forehead.  Happened (and currently happening as I have 2 huge ones on the forehead and one monstrous one on the chin) with Liliana and I'm hoping this symptom goes away soon.

- With Liliana, my gut instinct from the very beginning was girl as well. 

- Just like with Liliana, we have a girl name picked out but not a boy name.  We have the boy nursery decor picked out, but have no clue with the girl. 

Only a weeks worth of time will tell (if the baby is cooperating that is)!  In the mean time, I guess these wives tales and motherly intutition will have to keep me going! ; )


  1. I enjoy following your posts and I guessed "boy" for no particular reason but your motherly intuition may prove me wrong. Can't wait to find out :)

  2. My mom said if the baby is all in front, in other words, if you can't tell you are pregnant from behind, then it is a boy. If you gain weight everywhere, then it is a girl. She always seemed right in guessing. Your stomach muscles were already "prepped" the first time so now they just give way the second time around:)My friend hardly showed with her first pregnancy until she was 7 months! The second time you could tell much sooner. The joys of pregnancy-nausea, acne, throwing up, ta-ta's sore, hormonal changes and all that while still doing everything else-Women deserve a medal! I will say Boy because he is causing you to break out and throw up:) No matter what he or she will be perfect

  3. Just letting you know, that if you care to participate, "You've been tagged!" Go to our blog post to find out more!