Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Complete Living Room Transformation for $100!

Hello readers from Kelly's Korner!  We have been doing our home little by little since moving in a year ago and though we're no where near done, this is where we are now with the livingroom!  Check the "our home" tab and you'll see what else we've done! In fact, we just finished baby girl #2's nursery and the master bedroom is kinda in a state of chaos, so there's lots going on! 

Time for another installation of the ...

Three weeks ago I blogged about the start of the "Lacefield Home Renovation Project."  It has been SO much better than I expected.  I half expected us to either go totally overboard and get overwhelmed, or just to give up mid-project. 

BUT, we've taken our time.

We've made smart decisions.

Instead of jumping in to something, or putting up some random curtains, we buy 3, put them all up, and return the 2 that don't make the cut.

I've learned that taking your time saves money and headaches.

Just to help you recall, when we started with the livingroom it looked like this:


The walls HAD to change.  And we managed that quickly over the summer.  But things still weren't quite right ...

This was the "semi-after" that I blogged about 3 weeks ago.  The trim still needed to be done, and we wanted some curtains.  Also, turns out, we gave our carpet another look.


And here, for only $100 spent, we have our BIG transformation!


So let's go through the changes:

We added a chair and a "reading area" by simply moving the love seat further away from the main seat.  In other words, we lengthened the space of the living room.  By doing this, it freed up space for the reading area.  I took the chair from our master bedroom, took the lamp from our study, and the table from Gloria's nursery because it was sitting in that room by itself.   The little "lamp" on top of the table was sitting on a shelf that was in the livingroom but we took those shelves out to make room for the curtains.

The trim is now painted!  Doesn't it look fabulous?  The husband managed to do this in his VERY little time off this month.  He doesn't much like the idea of my being on a ladder while pregnant (even though I do it anyway!) so while it took him 2 weeks to complete it, I am just so thankful he does it without complaining.  He even painted the door to the backyard and to the garage so it would all match.  The walls are "Oat Straw" from Behr and the trim is whatever color is at the TOP of the "Oat Straw" card.

The rug is NEW!  And it was free because the MIL paid for it this weekend.  While the other rug is VERY pretty, it just wasn't big enough since we moved the sofas further away and it was also kind of hard.  Considering we'll be on the floor for hours again once Gloria comes, we wanted a softer and comfier rug.  The rug was from Home Depot and is an 8 * 10 while the old 5 * 7 made its way to our master bedroom and looks gorgeous!  It's all about working with what you have!

The MAIN change?  Those curtains that make the wall so noticeable now.  We got 2 short rods instead of putting one huge rod above the windows.  Each rod cost $9 at Target.  The curtain panels are from TJ Maxx.  We bought 3 to try them all out and go figure, liked the costly ones most, but they still weren't costly ... $10 each. 

So for a run down of the price:

- 1 gallon of trim paint: $30
- 1 gallon of wall paint: $30
- 2 rods above windows: $20
- 2 curtain panels: $20


Shall we take another look at what $100 did?



Next up: PLAYROOM!  We painted yesterday ... I'll have a "semi-after" look soon!

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  1. To me the biggest game changers are the rug, the mirror, and the trim! It looks fabulous!!!! Can't wait til we can come visit again and see it in person! =)

  2. Looks great! I love the idea of the 2 short curtain rods....and $10 per panel is a great price!!! I will have to check out TJ Maxx's curtain selection soon!

  3. You're home is beautifully decorated. The mix of colors and textures is wonderful.
    You've done an amazing job!

  4. This is such a pretty room! I love the brick wall fireplace, what a great focal point! The colors are so nice together, I am going to have to read up on this home improvement challenge! Newest follower of your blog ;)

  5. Love the big area rug...very nice!