Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Slightly (aka Totally) Freaking Out

I've said for weeks that we had a girl name picked out and not a boy name.  But then my other caveat was that we had a boy nursery theme and not a girl one.

No big deal right?  I could just do a few clicks of the handy dandy world wide web, and inspiration would hit.  Lord did it.

There are SO many beautiful things out there and I just can't decide which I like best and which one we should do and how we should arrange the furniture and how I should go about making these dreams a reality with a very tight budget and how I could even manage these dreams because I'm not a very creative person and how it turns out I like 0% of girl bedding and how on the other hand I like 100% of girl nurseries

Should I keep going?  Or do you catch my drift?

Just look at some of the lovely ideas out there:

this light pink, blue, and purple theme is awesome.  Romantic and yet not too overly girly.

I realize this board is for a party, but I put it in my "Gloria Isabel nursery" file (yes I officially have one of those on pinterest and on my computer.  I'm also too embarrsed to put them all on my pinterest because if people follow me they'll get inundated with my craziness next time they log on).  I digressed: I like the colors, the blue and red thoughts etc.  Sometimes for a girl it's done too harshly in my opinion, but they made this one work.

This girl nursery might just be the top rated one on pinterest and I can see why.  It's gorgeous.  Another thing I like about it is the two windows on opposites sides.  We have that in Gloria's room and it's awfully complicated trying to figure out how to arrange all the furniture without leaving a huge empty space in the middle.

Something about this  mood board made me happy.  It's probably the girliest of them all.  I think I'm leaning towards a slightly girlier edge because Liliana isn't a girly girl AT ALL and I wouldn't mind having some of that in my life!

I  had originally thought about making this the theme for Liliana's toddler/ big girl room and might still go that route.  Who knows!

I also like these colors and this phrase!  Like I've mentioned weeks before, I love the phrase Be Kind (like Ellen Degeneres) says and one of my all time favorite pins from pinterest is "You is kind, you is smart, you is important."  This comes from the Help which was a great book.  Heck, I enjoyed the book, the movie, and the quote so much.  I wouldn't mind having that in the nursery.  Or just this print alone.  Like I've said many times, I think something as simple as that can summarize my goal as a parent: tell my children to be kind to others, to strive to be intelligent, and to know that they are always important in our lives.

Thoughts and favorites?  I have no idea which one I'm leaning to for now!  I think a Home Depot trip with LOTS and LOTS of paint samples is in this weekends future.  : )

note: most of these boards were found on  I wanted to give her credit for her work because it's simply outstanding!

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  1. Hmmmmmm-You have a lot to think over. I think, when one is so excited and happy, these decisions can be overwhelming. I believe one has to start off with the practical part-what is needed in a room-crib, little dressor and change area, rocking chair. A child needs calmness so bright "wow" colours seem to me to be the opposite of calm. I also think of the girls I know...when I was little I wanted blue, blue, blue! I still do:) In fact I wanted to paint my dog blue(my mom told me this as i was 3 and asking for blue paint. My friend has 2 girls-5 and, in May, 4. The 5 year old LOVES pink. Must wear Pink, Pink, Pink. The little one must have yellow! It MUST be yellow. What if you painted the walls in a soft colour and added throw accents in various soft shades....when your child is old enough (I know this is a long time)you may find out what colour she will love and then you can create the room for her. My niece never had a favourite colour actually which was a bummer for me. You could though, just go for a total girlie room that you love and hope she loves too:) Hopefully she will not state any negatives when she starts to talk:)) Wrap yourself in the beauty of these moments as, in a blink, they will be memories albeit cherished ones