Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ummm ... I have an Etsy Shop!

Evan and I had decided not to get each other birthday or Christmas gifts this year.  It just wasn't in the budget.  But on my birthday, I came home to a bouquet of flowers and an apple martini mix (wasn't pregnant at that time obviously), so since he cheated a little bit, I decided to cheat a little bit.

I wanted to do something romantic and something that I knew he'd love.  I am SO happy with how it came out:

The beautiful thing about this project is you can change it around without any problems!  You can have the picture on the left with lyrics on the right and the two don't need to overlap.  You could also do this for your children and have letters that you wrote them during pregnancy overlapping.  Another thought I had: why not do this with love letters you've written to each other over the years?  The possibilities are ENDLESS!

When I first thought of doing this project, I went to etsy, one of my all-time favorite websites.  I found quite a few similar projects but there were all MINIMUM of $30 for just the print.  Knowing that we had said "no gifts" I realized this was out of the question. 

Messing around with digital art like this has become a passion of mine lately and I decided to do something about it, for AFFORDABLE prices! 

Therefore, I'd like to introduce to you, my little and VERY newbie (like as of late last night) etsy shop, found HERE!   I plan on adding other things as time comes, but wanted to let people know because I'm pretty excited about it! 

Happy Birthday to my husband and thank you for being the most incredible hubby and Daddy around!

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