Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Start of Baby Girl's Nursery!

On Thursday I jokingly sent Evan a text message saying "hey, we should go to Dallas this weekend and shop at Ikea!"  I was joking until he sent a message back that said "OK!"

So before I let him think this craziness over any more, we were off to Dallas.  I worked all day so we didn't arrive in Dallas until nearly 10 pm on Friday, but it was well worth our trip. 

We stayed with Evan's Dad and wife and they graciously watched Liliana for our Ikea trip.  I know most people reguarly frequent Ikea, but it was only my second time in the store.  And let me tell you, when you have an ENTIRE new room to furnish, the place DOES NOT disappoint.

We came out $500 poorer, but with SO much stuff. I mean, seriously, the stuff for this nursery is so much cheaper than what we bought for Liliana's nursery.  Reason being?

This time we're paying for it! HA!

When I was pregnant with Liliana, my Mom bought the rocker and the crib.  Evan's Mom bought the dresser.  Those three products combined were $750 dollars.

We got SO much more at Ikea.  We bought the crib, the rocker, the dresser, AND a bookcase for $450.  Came out like bandits, and the stuff is OH SO CUTE.

We didn't buy gender specific items just incase the doctor was wrong and since we have another ultrasound coming up in 9 days we decided to wait.  We did buy one pink lamp for $16.99 that we were both big fans of.  But that would be the only gender specific loss so not too bad.

On Sunday night I could hardly contain my excitement so Liliana and I got to building.

Item #1: the rocker:

Liliana is a HUGE fan and I agree!  We thought about just using the rocker in Liliana's room but the fact of the matter is we still need a chair in her room.  We don't rock her to sleep, nor do we ever go in to her room in the middle of the night, but we do read LOTS and LOTS of books in there and I don't see that trend ending any time soon.  Plus if that does stop, I could put Liliana's rocker in our master or guest bedroom.  Hers is very versatile.  This chair is the Poang chair and was $69.  It is SO freaking comfortable.  I wish I could describe it.  I think it's one of their best selling items.

Monday, we had a SNOW DAY!  DIVINE!  Liliana and I stayed home and turns out when you're not at work, you can be so much more productive!  By the end of the day, we had built the crib and the bookcase!  Behold the current state of Gloria's nursery:

It is coming along so nicely!  I'm pretty proud of how handy I am with assembling furniture.  Then again, I do have a great helper in Liliana.  She proudly screws nails in and puts the washers on pieces that need it.  It's a ton of fun doing projects with her. 

Lately we've been teaching her to say "sissy" since she's going to have one in a 6 or 7 months!  Here's a cute little video I got of that.  Excuse my speaking Spanish to her so much.  We speak a lot of Spanish in our household.  In Spanish, hermana is sister, but I'm good with sissy for now.  I think hermana is a little advanced for Liliana's vocabuarly.  At least for another couple weeks (this girl has the most amazing vocabularly you could ever believe!). 

Today is Valentine's Day.  Fortunately Evan and I are big fans of the day.  Unfortunately, he is working SO much this month and we'll probably only get an hour together.  BUT at least we get to give each other a million kisses during that time and tell each other just how much we adore one another.  He already made me breakfast this morning (chocolate croissants) and they were divine!  I also might have accidentally seen some flowers sitting in our study even though he told me not to go in there (I forgot ... and that's really the truth).  I also noticed some bananas sitting on the counter and I'm thinking he's been listening to my recent cravings of banana pudding.  He's so sweet and observant.  You would think that someone working 85 hours this week wouldn't be this kind and thoughtful, but that's Evan for you.  He's honestly the worlds most caring husband and father.

Here are the two loves of my life!  I can't believe my heart will have to expand soon enough to include Gloria.  I'm not sure it's possible to love more than what I feel for these two.  They make my world so amazing.  But if I had to guess, Gloria will capture my heart (more than she already does) the second I lay my eyes on her.

We also bought a dresser at Ikea.  It's kinda a modern look, but I really like it.  I especially like that she won't be able to pinch her fingers on the dreawers.  Here is an inspiration room that we're going for.  Our color scheme for the nursery isn't the same as this, but I just like many elements about this room.  We bought all 4 furniture pieces, shelves, tupperware, bowls, a hamper, and a closer organizer at Ikea too.  And all of that for about $500.  Man I like that place.  Maybe it's a GOOD thing we don't have one nearer!

Can't wait to keep going with this room!  We have so much to do, but I think we've made pretty great progress so far!


  1. Wow - you are on top of things! Looks great!

  2. Adorable furniture! Love the clean, modern lines!

  3. One of our friends with a baby bought that chair too, and they love it. Looks like its coming along!

  4. I love the IKEA furniture, and especially the simplicity of that crib. Question though. Did you have room for it (unassembled) in your car with Liliana in her carseat? We have an IKEA in LA which is about 4 hours away and I worry it wouldn't fit in our Civic.

  5. Frenchie: my husband has a 4 Runner and we took that. With her in the car, we were able to fit the dresser, rocker, crib, bookcase, and 2 suitcases. Those boxes are pretty darned compact!