Thursday, March 15, 2012

21 Weeks Pregnant -- T-shirt Project!

Today I am 21 weeks pregnant with Gloria!  In one week I go back for another doctor's appointment and I feel like I was there just yesterday.  Pregnancies fly by when you have another kiddo at home to chase after and have conversations with.

For instance, here's a gem for you...

Since my big fall down the stairs a couple weeks ago, I haven't been carrying Liliana down the stairs ever.  She is obviously capable of going down them but sometimes when I am in a hurry I snatch her up so we can rush out the door.  Now I've decided I'll just be 1 minute late for the safety of all of us.  Liliana likes taking her time going down the stairs and often says "wee!" or "I love Mommy" or "no kitty!" down each stair.  We have a window next to our door and she often sees the neighbors cat.  She's not a fan. 

Two days ago, she went down a stair and let out a big fart.  She started CRACKING up and said "tootie from bootie!"  Yes I only teach my daughter the finest words.  Then she started saying ... get this ...

Liliana: "Mommy tootied!  Mommy tootied!"

Me: Umm ... excuse me child.  I am pregnant so yes, Mommy's booty does make those sounds, but not this time!  Don't go placing your gas problems on me! 

So the next few steps were spent her saying "SI! (yes)" and Mommy saying "NO!"  It was a fight I eventually gave up on.  She was so insistent that I even pondered "was it me after all?"  Then I realized my 21 month old child manipulated my mind.  I'm in trouble.

BACK to being 21 weeks pregnant and not talking about gas shall we?

Excuse the nasty look.  I had just run three miles on the treadmill and didn't feel like sprucing up for the picture.  My belly looks BIG huh?  It's crazy how much growth has occurred in the last 3 weeks!

21 Week Pregnancy Survey
  •  how far along: 21 weeks
  • total weight gain: I haven't weighed myself in weeks so I have no idea.  I know I've gained more than I had with Liliana at this point, but I'm exercising more this go around and am not concerned about it.  I think I'm gaining it at a more normal pace this time whereas last time I barely gained anything and then ballooned gaining 4 or 5 pounds a week for 3 weeks.  That hasn't happened this time, fortunately!
  • maternity clothes: most of the time.  I've been wearing TONS of dresses and skirts.  They're so comfortable and the weather is so warm that it's appropriate.
  • stretch marks: no sir! The boobs do have big veins on them which the hubby says makes sense because of yadda yadda.  I didn't listen.  I was just grossed out by them.
  • sleep: not great unfortunately!  I am no longer taking the anti-nausea medication because I don't need it, but since part of that medication was a sleeping aid, I've missed the sense of feeling sleepy.  I think that daylight savings also screwed me up. 
  • movement: oh yes!  i've been seeing her move for about 2 weeks and feeling her move since about 12/ 13 weeks.  My clothes just move all around and some people at work have even noticed.  We make strong ones, let me tell ya!
  • miss anything: just lack of mobility ... being able to help around the house more and not being able to run nearly as quickly as I used to while working out.  It puts an awkward pressure on my pelvis and is uncomfortable so I have to slow the treadmill down.  That's getting old but I'd better get used to it!
  • food cravings: sonic slushes but I haven't caved!  Evan keeps saying "PLEASE let me get one for you!  I want to help!" but I realize I quite honestly don't need to eat that and have to burn it off after Gloria arrives.  In the mean time, pass the water please! : )  (note: that's a lie: I did cave once this week but I know how it goes.  At 30 weeks, I'll be eating so much that I don't ever stop so I'm trying to be aware of that as much as possible at this stage).
  • belly button in or out: still in, but not by much!  I'm guessing it will be out by 25 weeks.
  • looking forward to: seeing my parents tomorrow!  I haven't seen them since I was 4 weeks pregnant.  They need to see the growing belly! ALSO, looking forward to dealing with that pesky corner I posted about yesterday ... guess who found a GREAT solution yesterday?  : )   


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    1. Running on the treadmill at 21 weeks pregnant. While you have a 21 month old...and a job. You make me gag just a little. ;) HAHA, just kidding...but seriously, you are super woman! Your motivation is out of this world! I don't know how you stay so motivated!

      (Sorry about the deleted part...I accidentally said 30 weeks pregnant. ;) )

  2. Can't wait to hear about "the corner" and loved the gas story... I can just imagine the exchange!

  3. I laughed out loud to the argument. I cannot wait to have multiple children (although I guess I should just see how this one goes!) As for the exercise, I have a question. I tried running again this week after getting back from Italy (three weeks away) and my big belly has some seriously painful tearing sensations going on. Is this something you deal with, and what do you do? Thanks!