Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gloria's Nursery: Room Layout

Yesterday morning when I was taking pictures of the new fabulous paint on the walls, I decided to try option #2 for room layout.  I figured it would work perfectly and that would be that.

I tried it.


Then I thought, I can bake my bagel one minute less, still not be late to work, and try a third option ...

still.  Eh.

So when Evan got home last night, I wasn't per se panicked, but I was in a state of ... HELP NOW PLEASE.  You know that state when women just realize they need their man to say "it's all going to be ok?"

Well when you're pregnant, you have lots of those moments and fortunately my husband didn't disappoint.

We messed around with it for quite a while with Liliana in the room and then decided it was probably best to move big pieces of furniture around without a little sweetheart around.

We tried quite a few options ...

Here's what we originally had it like.  Crib in corner, where I always wanted it because it would take up more of the room.  You see, this room was originally used by two kids and though we eventually might do that, we're putting the girls in separate rooms until we have solid through the night sleepers. I wasn't thrilled with the layout though.

After scouring the internet for nurseries with windows on two walls, I saw this layout a few times and liked it.  Turns out, it didn't work for us.  Having the chair in the corner seemed really packed and I still have to buy a table to put beside the chair anyway ... no room for that.

Here was another option.  This one made the room seem like a square.  It looks better in the picture than it did in person.  But in person, it just looked too angular and unwelcoming.  NOT our goal with her nursery!

Then, we tried this ...

And the heavens sang pretty nursery praises!  The crib went back in the corner, like I wanted, the chair is in the other corner (you can barely see it behind the dresser) with lots of room for a table, and the bookcase is sideways, which Evan and I liked because it just looks prettier that way.

Here are a few more views:

We obviously will fix that cord hanging down so hideously in the bookcase.  I have plans to buy some pretty baskets for that area.  ABOVE the bookcase, I will either do a photo collage, put some shelves, or do somtehing interesting.  That's still up for debate.

I'm sitting in the rocking Ikea chair while taking this picture.  Shows off the color really nicely.

Not too sure yet what's going above the dresser either ... some shelves, some prints, pictures, who knows?  Again, that is still being decided.  Story of the nurysery right now!

Do you also see another new development in the room?  Gloria's blanket came in and I don't think LOVE begins to cover my feelings for this thing.  It's more like creepily obsessed.  I want to sleep with it.  It's so soft, so gorgeous, and so perfect!

Here's a close up of the blanket.  The colors are so bright, feminine, slightly vintage, and just wonderful.  The fabric on the top left corner (and second from left on the bottom row) is what the bumper will be made out of! That is still being made and probably won't be here for another couple of weeks. I am SO thrilled with the job that she did though.  Like I said, obsessed.  I like it almost as much as I like the Garlic sauce that comes with Papa John's pizza and that's saying somethin'.

The back side of it is light pink minky.  I love that kind of fabric.  I could rub my face on it all day.  So soft! 

The main thing that I have to do now?  Decide what to do above the crib!  Since it's in a corner, this leaves me in a corner pickle.  If I just do prints, it will look really empty so I want to hang something from the ceiling.  But what?  Lanterns, pom poms, paper lanterns? 

Some ideas are surfacing ... but that's for tomorrow's post.

(PS I am fully aware nobody cares THIS much about the details of decorating a nursery, but it makes me giggle and squeal with delight doing this stuff so sorry).


  1. I love the layout and the blanket turned out gorgeous! Shannon from Bless Our Nest (http://thedavisfamilynwa.blogspot.com/2012/01/nursery-progress.html) did a butterfly mobile that would look so cute in Gloria's nursery! I saw a couple butterflies in her blanket and the mobile is that modern look you're going for. Just a suggestion! Everything you have picked looks beautiful though you whatever you choose is going to be great!

  2. Love the butterfly mobile idea, or a canopy of sorts made from pretty tulle or netting!

  3. I care, and I am jealous you are at a nursery stage. I can't wait to start mine!