Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little Things in Poor Quality Pictures

Sure I could have written a post about some meaningful things if I wanted, but yesterday's post was pretty heavy and I felt like writing something more light hearted the next few days if you don't mind.

Affordable Maternity Tips:

For starters, let's talk a little bit about maternity style.  My style is WAY different this pregnancy from last.  I'm having a little more fun with it, wearing some cute dresses that are NON-maternity and making them look a little snugger.  With my first pregnancy, I tried hiding it as much as possible.  The law firm wasn't too keen on even mentioning the pregnancy where at my current job, they're so sweet and always ask how things are going.  As a result, I have found two things to be VERY helpful:

(1) layering tanks, such as THIS one.  They usually put them on sale (like today old navy has 30% off of the entire website).  I have the navy one and am wearing it in this picture.  I love putting these under sweaters or cardigans.  They're REALLY comfy and PLENTY long. 

 (2) Thin belts such as THIS one. I have a brown one on in the picture above.  It helps to show off the bump and although this picture doesn't show it (because that is truly the most hideous picture of me ever), it makes you look thinner.  I wear them with shirts like this AND to help keep up some maternity pants that are still too big when my regular pants and the bella band aren't what I want to try and do that day.  PS These belts are CHEAP with the 30% off right now.  At target they're 12.99, but without the 30% off! 

I'll probably do a post on maternity style some time. I feel like I've learned a lot through the two pregnancies.  Maternity style kinda sucks, let me tell you.  There are some gem places out there, but in general, you have to TRY to look cute and that gets tiring when you're growing a little baby and chasing a toddler.

My gal

Liliana has been a complete DREAM lately.  She is getting easier and easier each month and Evan and I are really relishing it.  Going to restaurants isn't a challenge anymore, she can always communicate what she wants just by using her words, and she is just very sweet in nature.  She's still rambunctious, she still gets in trouble, yes ... but those moments are just REALLY rare now.  It's nice.  She, more than ANYTHING though, CRACKS US UP.  Case in point.  This is what she looked like when I woke her up yesterday morning.  Seems that during the night she got in a fight with Elmo and Hippo and wanted them to stay AWAY!!!

She untied her bumper, moved them as a barrier, and slept happily away.  SILLY girl with TONS of personality!  LOVE her.


We  really hit the jackpot when it came to godparents for our two girls (Gloria's godparents haven't been asked yet, but we already know who we have in mind and we know we've hit the jackpot with them too).  Liliana's godparents are my cousin Joanna and Evan's best friend and my very close friend Mike.  They simply ADORE her.  Mike came to visit last weekend and even asked for Christmas money to go towards his airfare from family members.  What 20 something year old guy does that?  A GREAT one, that's who! 

And Joanna?  Well she sent us some GORGEOUS goodies yesterday (this isn't a rare thing for her to do.  She is always spoiling her).  Anyway, here's Liliana modeling some of her new gear this morning.  Can you say cute?

Water Bottles

It's funny the things you notice when you become a parent.  I love those plastic cups with straws but most of them have a rubber band on the straw.  This doesn't work too well when you have a toddler that can just tug hard and take the straw out (equals mess).  So when I saw this at Walmart last weekend, I snatched this puppy up for $4. 

The bottom of the straw is wider and won't come out when the lid is screwed on.  Liliana already tried taking it out, unsuccessfully.  Cue Mommy's evil cackle! 

yes, I realize I just wrote an entire paragraph about a water bottle.  It's the little things that make you happy sometimes.

Gloria's room

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that we would be painting Gloria's room.  WELL ... we've been busy.  Evan worked A TON two weekends ago and last weekend.  We would have had time this Sunday afternoon, but if you recall, my butt was in the ER for being a complete moron.  Therefore, for 2 weeks the room has looked like this.  The brush work is done, but the rolling isn't done yet.  The room looks like a mess.  I just keep the door closed and it makes all my problems go away!

I have no clue why the picture looks disoriented like that on Blogger.  Sorry.  But you can see on the bottom that we still have a ways to go!  : )  It will get done this weekend though b/c Evan's off the entire weekend and quite frankly, I'm wanting it done!  I'm sick of having the door closed!

Tomorrow I'm going to post about progress for Liliana's big #2 bash!  It's going to be SO much fun!  Small and simple, but great.


  1. Awww that's great that you can be open about your pregnancy in your current job. A womon/mother needs to be expressive. Lilliana is a cutie.

  2. That little girl cracks me up! I thought you guys had tied her bumper like that... thinking it was some sort of toddler sleep barrier that I hadn't heard of. HAHA! She's so beautiful and you guys are so lucky to have her as your daughter! I can only hope we get so lucky again with Reagan as we did with Clayton! =) And same to you with Miss Gloria, hehe!

  3. The way she moved her bumper is HILARIOUS!

  4. I saw those cups in Walmart last week and didn't get...I think I will now just cause I'll always be able to find the straw!! Plus my wife loves the fact they can go in the freezer.