Friday, March 2, 2012

Home Renovation Project: Playroom Part II

Last time we mentioned the Home Renovation Project, I shamefully admitted this was the state of our playroom:

The toys were all in the office and the actual playroom?  Well, it had the new coat of paint on the walls, and that was about it.

Today, we're not done by ANY means, but we have ... well .. a PLAYROOM!

As you can see, the couches have officially found their spot and are a sectional (something I've always dreamed and desired in a home ... I just LOVE sectionals).  I also decided on a color theme I'm going to play with and went off the carpet in the "child sitting area" (aka bean bag central).  Those blues and purples are going to continue throughout the room when I decorate some more.

For now, the main purchases have been the little bins on the shelves with books.  Those were $5 for all 3 at Walmart.  I also bought the cusions on the sectional (should probably go back and buy more but I wanted to see if I liked them first).  Those were $21.00 for all three which is GREAT as far as cushions go.  They're really fluffy and I thought Evan would hate them but turns out he is a HUGE fan.  Guys don't so much care what thinks look like, they just want it to be practical, and his head fits perfectly on them while he's lounging on the couch reading a book with Liliana.

The only art we've placed on the walls thus far is our counting birds.  They look awfully high in this picture because it's a weird angle which is my fault.  We also do have to play them a little higher since you don't want toddler hands taking them down! (something she's already tried by standing on the rocking chair ... yikes).

As for Evan's project, I bought the fabric ... and that's as far as that has gone.  We need to make that a little curtain.  It is going to work PERFECTLY though.  We also bought a changing table, pad, and some liners instead of that play pen that's in the corner (you can only see half of it).  I'll write a post on that next week though.  It was an AMAZING deal that we got.

Liliana's already a HUGE fan of her "secret" space:

As for the wall above the couches, I have some big plans for it.  It's a HUGE wall so I needed something noticeable and what better way to do that then to show off some art work of the girls?

I'm probably going to make some prints and put those up there too.  It will be a gallery wall of sorts.  Here is the inspiration photos I've seen that make me oooh and aah. 

I'm not sure if it would look good in our room quite yet, but this looks so pretty with the different colored frames.

These last two are gorgeous.  I'm envisioning a mix of them for the playroom.  Some prints and some art.

Budget wise, we're still doing fairly well.  We've spent $27 dollars on the little "hide away" for the girls and $26 for cushions and bins.  That's $52.  We've still got more to do, but that's a pretty good job to only spent $50 going from THIS:


To this ...


PS I've added quite a few things to the etsy shop and have been having a blast creating new things!  Take a look!  The prices are SUPER cheap since I'm just starting out it's not about profit, it's just fun creating.

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  1. Creating a child-friendly space is a lot of fun. Putting together a gallery wall showcasing pictures of Liliana's growing up is a great idea. Putting stencil or child-like wall paper would be great also. For Liliana's age fairytale princesses would be a great choice. As for your playroom makeover, it is wonderful, Cristy!