Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gloria's Nursery: Now THAT is Progress!

We are finally seeing some progress on Gloria's room!  As I've said a few times, we took full advantage of our week of vacation and tried to get a good deal done.  What kinds of things happened this week?

Well, let's just say we did enough to have renovation update posts on the home all week long!  But for a more detailed analysis, here we go: we planted two new trees; mulched the front and back yard; put frost on a window right by the door; made the collage wall, put up prints, and painted the girls names on the bookcases in the playroom (playroom progress post coming this week); installed a new lantern and flood light in the backyard to give us more light; made a semi-new hot tub cover so that the golden retriever won't keep chewing it; painted the pantry (post coming for that some time this week); AND we made great progress on Gloria's room. 

WHEW ... just typing that all out made me exhausted!

As for the progress on Gloria's room?  Here is it BEFORE Spring Break:

And here it is this morning:

You can't notice TOO many differences, but I promise they're there ...

For starters, I got the fabric for the bed skirt and in this picture, it's just lying in the right spot.  Evan says I should screw the sewing and leave as is.  I don't plan on doing that, but I must admit it's tempting! ; )

We built the paper lantern crib mobile as I posted about yesterday and the next day went out and bought the storage for the bookcase.  We bought others as well but decided the plain ol' khaki was necessary since I have plans for the wall that will brighten the day some.

You'll also notice we finally have a mattress!  Poor Gloria, she got the cheapo Munchkin $50 mattress but really and truly? Do they know the difference when they're tiny?  Along the wall on the right you'll notice a few differences ... a print that says Be Kind, a table, and some yellow shelves along the wall.

I found this print on etsy weeks ago and decided to use it as the main color scheme of the room.  The cheapo in me thought "I could make that!" so instead of paying $15, I just made it myself in less than an hour! SCORE!  I bought the cute little table on sale at Hobby Lobby when I was getting frames for the playroom and those shelves came from Ikea but were painted yellow over spring break. 

Here's a close up of the table.  It's adorable.  The print will NOT be staying right there.  It will be going up on the wall with a WONDERFUL project that I have planned in honor of my Tata (Gloria's namesake).  I'll hopefully get that project finished by the end of the weekend and can't wait to post all about it.

Here's a close up of the print.  I am still just as in love with it as the first day I saw it.

Here are the cute yellow shelves!  I wanted to bring in some pops of color and accomplished that with the table and shelves.  Painting these shelves wasn't easy because the shelves we bought from Ikea were pretty sealed already.  I should have used primer looking back on it, but oh well ... 3 coats did the trick. ha.  I'm still not entirely sure what will go on these shelves, but that's another project for another day.

Here's another view.  That CUTE clock is from Target and was $6!  We'll be putting it up in the corner wall some time ... really, pure laziness that we haven't yet.  Then again, I also have a bag of stuff to return to Target just sitting on my couch right now, so laziness is just kinda the name at this stage in life.

I am SO darn pleased with how this room is coming along so far!  Seriously, it's my favorite room in the house.  That being said, we still have SO SO SO much to do.  To name a few: buy a rug, do a hoop wall with swatches and Gloria's name painted on the wall above bookcase, do the project honoring Tata on wall behind rocking chair, put stuff on shelves, buy a lamp, etc.  I want it DONE by the time I'm 34 weeks since I know I deliver my babies early.  Thank goodness I'm only 23 weeks along! : )

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