Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lilina and Friend's 2nd birthday party!

About 6 weeks ago, I all on my own Evan gave me the brilliant idea for Liliana's 2nd birthday party theme and the theme was born:

Liliana and friends!

Translation: the girl can't choose between her love for Elmo or Dora more.  It's funny, because she doesn't and won't watch one second of TV.  Hates it.  This isn't exactly OUR preference.  I must admit it would be nice to be able to have a 20 minute break when I get home from work and pop an Elmo or Dora DVD in, but no dice.  HOWEVER, the girl LOVES her some Dora and Elmo books.  NERD alert! ; )  From there, her love was established.  And every time that she sees Dora or Elmo in a store she YELLS it as loud as she can.   Cute for sure.

Anyway, I went to Party City this weekend just to look around and buy a few things.  I figure I'll buy a few things here and there so that the bank account isn't as shocked.  This party isn't going to be a HUGE one by any means.  I'm trying to keep it simple since we'll only be in San Antonio for a weekend and I'll already be 32 weeks pregnant while having to hustle and bustle around everywhere.  That being said, there will probably be at least 30 people there and that takes some planning.

At party city I found some pretty great deals.  Mainly, these napkins made me think ...


I started thinking "how the heck am I going to put these two together?"  They're pretty opposite in colors.  And I decided on purple and orange.  I wasn't too happy with this arrangement, because the purple and orange were much more prominent on the dora napkins.  But I went ahead and used my coupon to come home with these:

Well, at work yesterday one of my favorite faculty members started asking me about plans for Liliana's party.  This particular lady does wedding and party planning on the side for everyone around the school.  She says it's just kinda something that fell in to her lap along with our algebra teacher's.  Who would have thought right?  I've tasted and seen their work though and they are AWESOME.  Anyway, she told me "that's not hard to reconcile at all!  Do pink and red!"

And I swear, this light bulb went off in my head and a hand slapped me across the face saying DUH!

So, the above purple and orange will be returned.  In the mean time, I was able to keep some other things that I purchased though.

These are mainly just cute table decorations.  I also bought an Elmo lunch box, but Liliana didn't feel like putting it in this pile.  It was happily sitting in her playroom and I forgot to add it.  I also have a "pin the nose on elmo" game that I bought and forgot to put in this picture too.  All in all, we're getting there!  I'm trying not to buy TOO much here because I'll have to put it in my suitcase over to Texas.  That being said, I don't want to have nothing because I only have one day in San Antonio before the party and won't have time to go shopping. 

As for the light pink and red theme?  I think it will be PERFECT.  Here are some inspiration photos I found.

I just have to buy some red and pink scrapbook paper to cover some adult beverages.

Minus the yellow and add some Dora and I'd be a happy woman!  Mine won't be NEARLY this elaborate because I don't have that kind of budget but it's nice to get ideas from.

Liliana has a ton of Dora and Elmo books so making this little sign will be a piece of cake.

I love the idea of hanging pom poms from my parent's deck.  I know you can pay for them on etsy, but why would I do that when I found this great tutorial on you tube? 

This party has already been a blast to plan!  I figure I only have one more year with Liliana before she's telling ME what her theme will be so I have to take advantage of it now! : )

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  1. Elmo! My frien's daughter LOVES Elmo and also shrieks every time she sees him. You have a great theme going-looks great