Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gloria's Nursery: That Darn Corner!

As I mentioned yesterday my biggest qualm with putting that crib in the corner was "what the heck do I do above the darn corner now?"  I'm still in that state of absoultely no knowledge as to what I'll do.  Turns out, there are TONS of ideas out there.  Now I just have to pick one of them and stick with it ... easier said than done right? 

Here's the corner in question just to refresh my memory and stress me out more.

I've narrowed it down to FIVE choices.

FIVE.  That's embarassing to type.

I realize I'm over thinking this.  See, I didn't really have TIME to set up Liliana's nursery the way I wanted when pregnant with her.  I was in law school and worked really hard at the law firm.  And considering that this very well (if you asked me the answer would be 99% sure) done having babies after this, I'm taking it seriously.  This is SO fun...setting this up, getting so excited to see Gloria, to hold her and see what she looks like.  OK, back to topic.

Here are my thoughts as of now:

Ceiling art isn't an easy task apparently.  It takes creativity and an eye for design.  Something I feel like I lack!

 Out of the above though, my favorites are the ones above the table (bottom right) (it's a paper lantern with a bunch of tissues glued to it.  Evan already told me he wasn't patient enough for that and he's not being a jerk about it ... he truly isn't.  I think he would explode!  I am patient enough though and I think they're GORGEOUS!). 

I am also a BIG fan of the hoops on the ceiling all the way to the left.  I know it's a little quirky and vintage looking but I've wanted to do a hoop wall in this nursery for SO long and wasn't sure where I would make that work.  Maybe the ceiling is the place?  Who knows!  Would it just look weird and stupid in a little corner.  Yes, probably.  But it's still a contender because it's such a unique thought.  But it's neat because it would kind of double as a mobile for Gloria to look at too!  (and now I'm convincing myself of somehting that would probably end in me doing it and saying "yuck!  That looks BAD!")

So I'll have to decide this dilemma sometime soon because all of the above projects will take time to purchase and to get done! 

And no, I'm not running out of time by any means (I'm only 21 weeks after all) but I am running out of patience!


  1. I found it interesting that they are all round! Globe like. You didn't pick stars or triangles or any other shape. Maybe this is the circle of life?? I like pic at the upper right:) Go with your gut. In fact, you could even try something to get a "feel" for it likehanging something down(that doesn;t mark up the ceiling) so you get an idea. Anyway that is my unsolicted advice:)

  2. I like the ones on the far right, too. I think a collage of hoops on the wall somewhere (above a shelf or changing table?) would look great, too.

  3. The paper lanterns in the middle? I bought some from the wedding knot online for a dollar for J's birthday and the colors were vibrant and it was easy to put together. Worth way more than a dollar and would look great!

  4. From a guy's perspective I say angle a big screen TV there (a nice 41or 46" would do). Good for watching cartoons, educational stuff, all the things babies growing up need! Right? Then decorate around the TV. Just a thought.

  5. I'm really surprised that you said Gloria will 99% be your last child - for some reason I thought you and Evan were wanting four!
    I like the picture on the top right.

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