Monday, March 12, 2012

Gloria's Nursery: Paint and ... Nicolas!

This weekend was BUSY!  Evan was off the entire time and I must admit we did a pretty horrid job at relaxing.  We were VERY productive doing things around the house that just needed to get done.  We cleaned up the backyard, attempted to fix our hot tub cover (the puppy kinda had his way with that one), installed a new latch on the gate going over the deck, had lunch with family, got the puppy some newer more chewable toys so that he wouldn't damage hot tub covers, had a fun lunch with great friends, talked with some of them about the baby shower they're apparently throwing me (which I was SHOCKED about because you don't usually get one for #2!) etc.

But two BIG things happened this weekend that aren't even listed above.  One of them, obviously WAY bigger than the other:

I became an aunt to a BOY yesterday night! ; )   My brother and his wife Annie gave birth to Nicolas Eduardo last night at 9:46.  He is the first boy grandkid for our side of the family so everyone is pretty excited.  He came FAST!  Annie got to the hospital around 7:30 and two hours later, there he was!  Makes me pretty scared for when I have Gloria!  Here is my handsome nephew:

Aren't newborns so darn huggable?

ANYWAY, the point of this post wasn't just to gush about him ... the other big thing that we did (and that ironically took more time than birthing the above cutie) was that we painted Gloria's nursery!

We've been meaning to do this for WEEKS and inevitably poor Evan had to go to work and kept getting paged.  But he turned his pager off on Friday night and knew he wouldn't turn it back on until 6 this morning, so we took advantage of the freedom and while her nursery looked like THIS less than a week ago...

This morning, it looked like THIS!

I am SO freakin in love with it!  Before you guys ask, the paint colors we chose are:

Robin's nest by Benjamin Moore for the walls and Tailor's Chalk by Martha Stewart for the trim.  For the trim we just got a ton of samples and matched them to the furniture as best we could. 

Paint wall color: Robin's Nest by Benjamin Moore.  # 618.

Trim: Tailor's Chalk by Martha Stewart.

Here are some more views.

I took this picture with the lights off just to show how neat this Ikea lamp looks when lit! It is the Knubbig lamp, was about $15, and looks SO pretty!

The most trying part of the painting experience was definitely the trim.  Nothing went wrong, but it just took a good long while.  We painted the closet doors and the bedroom door as well.  But let me tell you, it is SO worth the time and the $10 to do the trim.  I wish I had taken a before picture, but just trust me when I tell you that matching the trim to look best with the paint really makes it pop.  Unfortuantely for Evan, I am now obsessed with fixing the trim in other parts of the house, so we've added another something to the to-do list (well ... just in the master bedroom, guest bedroom, and Liliana's bedroom ... darn ... those are ALL the other bedrooms in the house! haha)

The next dilemma: how to arrange this darn room!  As you can see in this last picture, the bookcase was in a different spot.  That's our "to-do" this week and hopefully we'll figure out how to orient it.  I'll do another entire post on room layout though because that sure is a challenge!


  1. Really pretty colour! I love the colour-It is so fresh and happy looking. It must have been nice to be with your husband for the whole weekend even if you were painting. Now to decide where to place the furniture-that is hard. The chair actually looks a little too close to the closet door...just saying:) Have fun!

  2. Very pretty paint color- my friend did her baby girl's room in a similar color and it is so pretty. Exciting! Adorable nephew! Nothing like a sweet newborn!