Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to Apple Country!

Last weekend, our little family went out on an excursion to...

Yep, we went to Idalou, Texas (20 minutes away from Lubbock) for the annual Apple Butter festival. This festival is all guessed it, apples!  They have apple picking, apple butter for sale, apple cider for sale (which yours truly might or might not be drinking while typing this post), and these delicious apple turnovers.

They also had this amazing BBQ plate cooked by the towns people and the money goes straight to charity purposes, so we had to oblige and eat some sloppy joes!

 When you let your husband take a picture...this is what happens...
A boob view AND I have BBQ sauce on me?  I think this is Evan's DREAM!

While you eat BBQ, they had entertainment that they had advertised.  I wish I could make this stuff up, but look at the opening act...

HA!  You gotta love the country!  It was just some dude singing (poorly I might add) karaoke!  Liliana though, seemed to like all the commotion and sang along the whole time we had lunch.

After lunch we walked around and tried a delicious sample of apple cider.  The whole time we were there I thought something smelled different and realized it was a mixture of crushed apples and roasted peppers!  I had never seen them cooked like this...

After walking back to the apple cider department, we realized we would just have to shell out $8 for a gallon because this stuff was amazing.  By the apple cider, they had these adorable buckets to take around while apple picking.  Doesn't Evan just look cute as can be with his Daddy diaper bag and his apple bucket?

In the end, we only bought 5 apples so we didn't even need the bucket, but I made Evan pose anyway! HA!
Apple picking was a bunch of fun and we got some cute shots...

Mommy and Liliana picking apples.

The pretty apple trees with LOTS of apples on the floor!  
 Evan enjoyed crushing them because he wore his boots. 
I wore cute flip flops from Aldo. ; )

Evan picked the prettiest apples!

But this one looks awfully nice!

All in all, it was a GREAT afternoon together as our little family.  This is our second year going and I think we'll go back again next year too.  

On Sundays they do an Apple pancake and sausage breakfast...guess where we'll be Sunday morning?

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  1. What a fun festival! I LOVE apple cider! I always drink it during the Fall! Thank you for stopping by and following! I always love finding other Aggies who blog! I'm so looking forward to my dunk tomorrow....I'll make sure I get something to put over my dress!

  2. I seriously love festivals like that! And now you've got me craving apple cider too! Mmmmmmmmm..... so good!

  3. Looks like a fun day! I love the boob shot...something JT would so do too!!

  4. you look fantastic in your pictures! btw - is that the CitiMini? We just got one last week and LOVE it!

  5. I second Tabitha. Congrats on getting your stomach back to flat, you look great! I was starting to think that even women's faces don't go back to the way it looked before pregnancy, but thanks for proving me wrong. Phew!

  6. I LOVE apple cider! Have another mug full for me!! I love daddy with his apple bucket! I am so ready for Fall!!