Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monday Minute (the first time I host!) 09/27/10

This is the first time of my hosting the Monday Minute!  I hope you guys like the questions I chose and please make sure to link up at the bottom and follow so you can see can come back and look at everybody's answers!

Some housekeeping matters...
  • if you guys want to receive the questions earlier than when I post on Sunday, feel free to email me and I'll add you to the list!  My email is:
  • if you have any suggestions of questions to ask on the Monday Minute, either email me, leave a comment, or even an anonymous comment if you'd like!  Every question will be used, I promise!
  • if you ever want to co-host one week, email me and we'll work that out!

(1)  What’s the last restaurant you went to and what did you order?
(2) What's your greatest phobia?
(3) On a scale of 1 to 10, how hot are you?
(4) You just found out you (or your partner) are having a baby.  What's your reaction?
(5) You just won a free vacation to anywhere in the world.  Where would you go?

My answers:
(1) Evan and I went to a restaurant called O'Hana and I got shrimp friend rice.  It was delicious.  It was one of those places where you order up front and then you have a waiter to refill your drinks, but we didn't know this when we paid...and we didn't have any cash!  We slipped out so we wouldn't have to look at his disappointed face when he had no tip!  Sorry dude!

(2) Needles.  Yes, I am aware I had a baby and that involves A LOT of needles, but you can't pass out if you're laying down, so I had them find a bed somewhere any time they drew blood so I wouldn't faint.  I have had MULTIPLE fainting episodes, one of them quite recently actually, but that's for another blog post.  You'll have to stay tuned so see when I was an idiot in public...

(3) Evan says the answer to this is that I'm an 11.  I say he's a kiss ass.  Honestly, I think I'm a seven.  I work pretty hard on my body and so I don't hate it too much.  But, sometimes I think I'm a butter face.  I just learned what that term meant like 2 years ago, no joke.  It's such a mean thing to say!  Well...unless you're saying it about yourself.  

(4) I would freak out.  I would cry. Seriously, I would. Liliana was one surprise that we could handle.  I could NOT handle another one.  Evan's about to start residency in less than a year, so I would be doing it completely and utterly on my own. I've told Evan that if he knocks me up before I'm ready for a second in a few years, I'll never have sex with him again...I'm only half joking. ; ) 

I know this sounds horrible and I know that children are blessings. But, it would just be horrible timing and quite frankly, our wallets and our sanity couldn't handle it.  Evan would be much more calm than I would be because he wants about 50 children.  I, however, want 3 and I have PLENTY of time to space them out some more. In the mean time, I want to get my career going, enjoy my beautiful daughter, start paying off loans, and spend time with Evan when possible.  

(5) Fiji.  I would stay here:

Yep, you'd find us in one of those little bungalows or on the beach.  It would be pure RELAXATION.  No sight seeing, just a relaxing and romantic getaway.  Sigh.  Anybody want to offer me this aforementioned free vacation?  PLEASE?

Remember...LINK UP!  Hope you guys enjoyed the first set of questions! 

* This would happen to seems that the linky website is having some MAJOR problems today.  If you try to click on it, it keeps saying Internal Server error.  I'll keep checking and hopefully put it back, but in the mean time, leave a link to your blog in the comments so we can check out your answers!  Sorry guys!  I'm so upset!! My first monday Minute! ; (


  1. Oh, Butterface. What a delightful term! And I think you're a 9.

  2. Butterface? What the?

    I answered 7 about my body too, I think it's a reasonably good number without sounding too vain:)

    P.S. Did you notice that the linky tool was up twice at the end of the post?

  3. P.P.S. You changed the name of your blog?? :)

  4. I got really sick on Saturday when I had to have blood taken for some lab work. ugh. Very embarassing, but I had no idea I would react that way. I've never had fasting labs before!

  5. I so want to go there too. You wouldn't see me for days LOL.
    These are great questions girl! I had fun answering them. :)

  6. oh needles...yuck! K I am loving your vacation spot I am going to Fiji!!!

  7. omg you are sooo not a butterface!
    ooohhh Figi is pretty :)

  8. You are so NOT a butterface!!!

    Oh and I love the new blog title!

  9. I'm totally with you on the needles! I've never actually passed out though... only gotten really queasy but it's enough!

    And you are totally not a butterface (whatever that means, I'm assuming it's not good). You're beautiful!

    Lastly - I'm with you on the expecting again so soon thing. We totally want to start trying again next spring because, let's face it, I'm not getting any younger. But a surprise right is not exactly what we're looking for. I want to get rid of the baby weight first!

  10. I will go with you to Fiji! That place looks amazing.

  11. Okay - I do't know what butter face is... you'll have to explain!

    And you would hate me.... I am a phlebotomist LOL - but I promise I won't hunt you down and stick you with needles!

  12. Butterface -- But Her Face as in everything is hot But Her Face. Get it?! I think it's mean too but apparently, that's how guys refer to girls who have nice bodies and not pretty faces? So mean!

    Anyway, you are so NOT a butterface, so don't even say that word! And I would love to visit Fiji, it looks gorgeous.

  13. Figi would be awesome! From your photos I don't see the Butter face at all... so don't go there! Also - where'd the linky go?

  14. I think the Fiji resort would be great. And I can't find the linky. I'll check back.

  15. =( Poor linky.. all broken...

    Love ya!

  16. I'm sorry the linky is broken... but I still linked up... Have a great day!

  17. Silly linky breaking - here's my link up!

  18. Hi, I'm your newest follower! Thought I'd give this Monday Minute thing a whirl- found you thru Unofficial Mom.

  19. New follower here too! Thanks for answering my email so quickly!

    I hate needles too. I don't pass out, but I have tiny, deep veins so needs are not my friends!

    Here's a link to my answers to Monday Minute!

  20. I am so scared of needles too! I cried the first time I had to have my blood drawn... and it was only 6 mos ago!

    You are without a doubt not a 'butter face'! You are gorgeous, crazy girl!

    And I too would totally freak out if I found out I was pregnant!

  21. Yay I like your new title ;)

    I gave you an award on my blog!

  22. My blog is closed during the residency interview season, but I can still post on the comments right?
    1) Last restaurant: Cristy and I went on a date today. We went to Rain Uptown just down the street from us. She had manicotti and I had spaghetti pomodoro with sausage. Everything was really good and we had a nice leisurely lunch together- a rarity these days.
    2) Greatest phobia: Definitely heights. All heights unnerve me, but when I can rationalize the situation, I can overcome the fear. An example would be jumping from a cliff into a lake. However, when my life is potentially in danger, like climbing on my roof, I'm useless. Cristy isn't burdened with this fear. In fact, she likes to stand on swiveling, rolling office chairs when she needs some extra reach. I'm certain I will come home one day to find her paralyzed on the floor.
    3) How hot: I'll go with 7.2. I had no problems getting chicks... in middle school. I met Cristina in high school, so I have no idea what my luck with the ladies would have been. Cristina seems to like me, so I'm hot enough. And she's a liar- she's a total 10.5.
    4) Baby: Oh man, I'd be stoked in a totally unreasonable way. I want us to have lots of babies, but this really isn't a good time. I'll be starting my intern year in July and am looking at 80 hour weeks (more like 90-100) for a while. Cristy is a strong woman, but even she needs SOME help. Nevertheless, I love babies and would be excited.
    5) Vacation: In a purely selfish way, I really want to go to Rome. I want to see the eternal city, be overwhelmed by the rush of life, and feel the history. On the other hand, I would want to just go lounge on a beach somewhere with drinks and food included. We'd sleep, eat, read a little, swim, and get it on a LOT.

    Great job on your first monday minute love!

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