Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

A few weeks ago, I posted the essentials for a new Mommy's diaper bag.  This got me thinking...I needed to write a post about the essentials for the hospital bag.  The first tid bit of advice I can give for packing it is to do it EARLY!  Evan had been on my case to pack the bag since I had been about 34 weeks along.  I kept procrastinating for weeks.  I had the complete OPPOSITE of nesting...I just got terrified I think.  I think my brain said that as soon as I packed that hospital bag, it was real...I was going to be a Mommy.  Well, you wouldn't believe it, but I went in to labor the DAY after I packed the bag!  Thank goodness Evan finally forced me to do it!  So, here are the things we packed and then I'll list the things we forgot! 

Things we Packed in our Hospital Bag
  • Snacks:  If you're in labor for a really long time, you'll be STARVING by the time you're done. We just went to Target and got some Oreos and some Vitamin Waters, but this held us over when I still had snack cravings.
  • Pads:  The hospital gives you these HUGE pads to help with the bleeding.  Make sure to take some with you when you leave the hospital.  You don't need to pack any pads because you can't use any skinny ones.  Just, like I said, take some from the hospital!  Even if you're not bleeding as much when you leave, it'll pick up again, I promise.
  • Small Sized Toiletries: I didn't want to bring this HUGE suitcase that weighed a million pounds, so I went to Target and bought small sized toiletries for those 2 days (or even more if you have a C-section).  I brought contact solution, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, and body lotion.  They say body lotion is great for massages during labor but my labor went really quickly so I never had the need for massages!
  • Your Own Pillow:  I only recommend this if you're partial to your own pillow, which I am.  It was nice having ONE thing that was really comfortable in that bed after you deliver. 
  • Camera/ Camcorder:  These are obvious, right?  Make sure to bring the batteries, etc.
  • Two Outfits for Baby: I was really proud of myself don't really know what size that baby is going to be!  For instance, since I delivered at 36 weeks, I would have brought a preemie outfit, except Liliana was nearly 7 pounds even though she was born so early!  Since you'll be packing this bag at 36 weeks, bring two sized outfits so that baby will come home in an adorable outfit that fits!
  • For Mommy: no need for panties because the HUGE ones they give you at the hospital are beyond perfect.  Make sure to bring a robe and dress to cover up since you'll have so many visitors.  Just bring really LOOSE clothing.  I only brought a sleeping robe and a maternity dress which was perfect.  If you're breastfeeding, bring a nursing bra and some breast pads.
  • Laptop:  Evan updated our progress on Facebook and it was really nice being able to read the trillion comments that people left.  Having the laptop was a nice distraction from the feeling of vomit after the epidural.  Plus, it's just a good way to communicate with all the people that want to say Congrats.
  • What to do With your Pets:  Make sure to have your neighbors on call so that they can give your pet some food!  The last thing you want is to freak out because you forgot to give them water or food.
  • Your "It's Time" List:  We had a list of about 10 people that we were going to call NO MATTER what time I went in to labor.  So those 10 people got a phone call at 4:30 in the morning and everyone answered "Is this the call we've been waiting for?" hee hee
Things we Forgot (oops!)
or rather, things that Evan had to go home to pick up
  •  For Daddy:  Evan had brought a change of clothes, but he forgot to bring two!  He had to leave back home and that was REALLY tough emotionally on me for him to leave.  Don't get me wrong, I was NEVER alone because I had so many visistors, but I clung to Evan like crazy after delivery.  Another thing: bring a swimsuit for Daddy to get in the shower with you.  Evan helped me shower the first day since I was so sore and had so much blood.  I know that sounds disgusting, but it actually was such a special moment for us.  I've literally never NEEDED him as much as I did those two days.  
  • Burping Cloths: can you believe it?  We forgot these!  Make sure to bring one.
  • Boppy:  I didn't think I would need the Boppy that desperately since she wouldn't weigh that much yet, but the Boppy is even helpful when you're just holding the baby.
  • Memory Card: Yep, make sure to  bring the memory card of your camera!!  I had been uploading pregnancy belly pictures the night before and forgot to put it back in our camera.  At five in the morning when they told us we were staying to have the baby, we pulled out the camera and FREAKED.  So, we called our friend (yeah, that early) and he drove over to our house and came to the hospital with the memory card in his hand!
 Well I hope this helps!  More than anything, just remember that camera.  If you can't shower, who cares?  What matters is that you get pictures of this:
The First Picture Ever Taken of Liliana

The First Time I Held Liliana...I was Obviously Overcome with Emotion.  
I know I look hideous in this picture, but it's my favorite of the day.


  1. Oh bitch... I CRIED and cried when I first held my daughter... I didn't think I would, but the doc handed her to me and I was done. it was over!

    You're not alone hooker!

  2. You do not look hideous!! You are a brand new mom...I love it!! I am linking to this list for a fellow blogger who has been talking about her bag that she is packing for the hospital!!

  3. Also don't forget to pack your trusty new Godfather for your daughter. They're great at going to get stuff you forget so that your husband doesn't have to leave. It was amazing to be there, Thank You for calling me at 4:30 in the morning.

  4. Hi Cristy!

    I've been reading your blog for a few weeks, but this is my first comment. Anyway, I love that picture of you and Liliana. It made me tear up, right here at work.

    My husband and I are starting to try having a baby, so hopefully I'll come back to this post soon for some reminders!

  5. Great list! I was so scattered when I was packing my hospital bag. I was supposed to be induced, but I went in to labor in the middle of the night on the night before. I had packed my bag the day before that, but it's hard to fathom what you will want and need when you have never been through it before! I wound up packing a bunch of things I never even needed. And BTW, you look great in your picture! It kinda made me tear up because I remember that exact emotion that you were feeling in that picture. It seems like just yesterday!

  6. Awwww, what a great list. I'm nowhere near close to being a mommy (though I desperately want children!) but this is invaluable advice and I'll be sure to pass around to all my friends getting ready to give birth (must be something in the water lately, LOL!).

    PS: That picture of you and your little one is soooo sweet.

  7. Oh, I love that last pic! Shows all the emotion of the moment.

    My first came early and FAST. I packed...nothing. LOL

  8. Beautiful pictures!

  9. Awww... I think it's a beautiful picture of you and Liliana! Besides - everyone has some like that, you can't help it, it's just so emotional! And I think it's really sweet that Evan helped you in the shower, shows how much he loves you!

    ps - I agree with everything on the list!

  10. My hubby has been on me about the hospital bag! I finally packed it last week. Thanks for the helpful tips!! And, I love that photo! How sweet!

  11. Great tips... and WONDERFUL photos. Love it! Oh, I'm dropping by from Mom Loop. Thanks so much for following my humble little daddy blog. Have a great weekend!

    --Michael (aka: Daddy)

    p.s. Daddy can also be found on Twitter and Facebook if you just can't get enough. ;)

  12. Great post. The only thing I would add is quarters for the vending machines. Although I suppose if you pack enough snack you won't need them.

  13. Thanks for the tips! I am 39wks along. We have our bags packed...mostly. I will be sure to tell my hubby to pack an extra set of clothing...we were thinking only one set for him. Good advice!

  14. It doesn't matter how you look in the picture... it matters how you FEEL!!! And I'm sure the rest of us have a similar picture that we love just as much!! We get it! lol.

    And it's a great list you have. Pretty close to mine. This is my second time, so I am trying to remember all the things I took last time that I actually used (and more importantly - DIDN'T use!!)

    Here is my list of things to take: