Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm the Weiner AND this week's Monday Minute!!

I'm so excited!! You are looking at the new Monday Minute host!  YAY!  Thanks to EVERYBODY that voted for me!!  Really, I'm so psyched about it!!

So make sure to follow the blog now so we can keep Ian's tradition going strong!  Let's have a TON of links every week ok?

Before I answer this weeks questions, I want to say a few things:  
  • if you guys ever want to host the Monday Minute one week, email me!  That would be GREAT.
  • if you have any suggestions for Monday Minute questions, PLEASE email me or leave a comment sometime (you can even do them anonymously if you'd like).  
    • I'm sure it'll be hard to come up with unique questions every week!  I promise that ANY suggestion will be used, no matter the theme.
  • if you want me to email you the Monday Minute questions beforehand, email me and I'll put you on a list 
  • I'm obviously new to this, so if you ever have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know!
  • I'll do my best to make a Monday Minute button, but give me some time.  I've never made one before, so it might take me time to figure it out, although I did do that horizontal navigation bar all by my lonesome, so I ain't THAT dumb.
Email me at:

 So, now on to the questions of this week.  

 1 - Have you ever lied on one of your Monday Minute answers?  Nope!  I'm a pretty blunt girl, so I'm not scared to say much.

2 - What is on your bedside table?  A picture of me kissing Evan (and he has a picture of me kissing him on his nightstand), my alarm clock, a lamp, and usually my glasses.  I'm BLIND without my glasses, so if I don't have them on my nightstand, it's hard to even get to the toilet to pee without running in to something.  On any random evening, there might be a glass of water, a pen, or some earrings on there too.

3 -Would you rather lose your sight or hearing?  I would rather lose my sight.  I know that sounds crazy.  Evan and I have had this argument multiple times, but I can't live without my music.  I could still play piano if I was blind because I know it well enough by now.  Plus, like I said above, my eyesight is horrible as it is.  Last, if I lost my eyesight, I would HAVE to get a chauffeur and that sounds rather nice.

4 -Would you rather give up all forms of sexual contact for a year or give up your DVR for three months? I'd give up DVR for 3 months over foregoing any form of sexual contact for a single day!! For real!

5 - Name one thing that you are proud that you've accomplished in life.  Graduating from law school.  I was really proud of myself that evening when I walked across the stage.  I worked HARD for that degree and no matter how down I feel some days, I'll always have that.

Again, THANK YOU to EVERYONE  that voted!  

Come back next week when we have the first Monday Minute HERE! 


  1. YAY!!! I'm SO excited you won girl! You will do great and I'll be linking up for sure.

    Graduating from Law School is a HUGE accomplishment. My husband graduated from it last Dec. I'm so so proud of him.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I am curious if anybody would give up the sexual contact. I don't even have a dvr(or cable for that matter) so for me the choice is simple.

  3. Congratulations! I voted for you!

  4. Congratulations!! I voted for you:)

  5. congratulations! I'm with you on the music. I look forward to getting to know you a little more each week!

  6. Congrats many times over. Need help beyond what you've already emailed or in the coming days/weeks, just let me know.

    Thanks again :)

  7. LOL why thank ya!! and sadly that is just ME... dorky ass me.... i'll definitely be back and i gotta say i'm SO sorry i spelled your name wrong!! i'm off to fix that now!!!

  8. Cristy,
    Thank you for such a kind comment. I will be back next week, of course! Congratulations on your win, best wishes to you and your beautiful family.

  9. Congratulations! Glad to hear you won!

  10. Congrats on winning! I would so give up DVR over sexual contact too...I mean really!!

  11. i'm your newest follower from

  12. Congratulations! You will have a blast doing it.