Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Plead, A Beg...Call it Whatever You Wanna Call It.

So, remember how I wanted to host the Monday Minute?  WELL, you can finally vote for me and I would REALLY appreciate your help and your vote!

Just go HERE and click on Law Mama (NOT Christy) (I'm the 5th entry).  You don't have to put in your email or ANYTHING, just vote.  The voting is going on until Sunday, so PLEASE go vote for me!

When I told Liliana that some people might not vote for Mommy, she couldn't believe it!!

People might not vote for my Mommy???  WHY??

But, then I told Liliana that some nice people would be kind enough to click the above link and WOULD in fact vote for Law Mama, and that made her MUCH happier!

Thank you for voting for my Mommy (aka Law Mama)!!

Note: My entry is LAW MAMA (the 5th entry!), not Christy (the 4th entry).

Thanks in advance for your votes!  Remember, voting is until Sunday at noon HERE

P.S.: for some reason, the link to go vote is only working for some people, so here is the actual address:



  1. I love it! This cracked me up. :)

  2. The link isn't working for me, so I will try again when I get home tonight.

  3. I'll go vote. Gotta keep Liliana smiling!

  4. I just joined your blog. I love it! Oh and I voted too. Good luck!

  5. I voted for you just now. Oh, and am following you on Mom Loop and GFC. Good luck.

  6. So cute! How could anyone not vote for you after this post? Doing so right now :)

  7. she is just adorable, followed from blogfrog....did you win?

  8. Beautiful family! My son is in his last months of residency with FIVE children and a thankfully loving and supportive wife! Go for your dreams even it is a 180!